Powerful Global Branding Strategies

Global brands are businesses that are known all around the world – Pepsi, Chanel and Rolex to name a few. These companies are successfully established in multiple nations.

Powerful global branding strategies that make a cut worldwide

Entering local markets does not come easy. Different cultures and languages require additional workings, as one-size-fits-all does not work, with the values and behaviour of local audiences being diverse in countries.

This also challenges how employees communicate a brand’s vision. But what exactly are global strategies? How do global branding strategies fuel global business success?

Global Branding – A Definition

A global brand is based on values, purpose and content along with visual elements. It is beyond just logo design, covering elements like colours, fonts and imagery to implementation of ads and marketing with product packaging.

The first step is to create a strong foundation of consistency. An international brand needs to maintain a strong identity in the dominant markets and create a ripple effect among the local audience. Every market has its behaviour and consumer trends. It requires specific alteration to the original identity.

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Successful global brand leaders believe that specific corporate identities like brand logo and creatives will remain consistent worldwide. However, the local market needs to have the flexibility to adapt branding that appeals to the customers. The global branding strategy needs to fine-tune between shared brand experience and specific adaptations relevant to individual countries.

Here are key ways to build and create a successful global brand.

Network, don’t transfer

Before globalization, companies used to have standardised advertising that thrived across the world. This strategy changed after a global backlash over American imperialism, with brands forced to create a diverse approach in different countries.

It created a shift from a top-down transmitter model to a network-oriented model.

There is no one-way messaging. There are only common branding frameworks and style guides to offer a source of inspiration. It ensures that the brand identity is maintained worldwide, considering the international division of culture and influences.

By focusing on local markets and creating a brand strategy around it with best practices can make a meaningful brand and offer a dynamic experience to your audience.

Create relatable content

To connect with your target audience, strategic content management should cater to the audience’s attitude, values and core beliefs. The more people relate and identify with the brand, the greater is the emotional connection between brand and individual, in terms of loyalty and increased preference.

For instance, Airbnb, valued at $38 billion operates in 191 countries and regions offers an insight –

At the initial stage, the company used local languages to communicate with different communities. The content was translated into 26 different languages. The sophisticated tool used ensures that the content reaches out to the local audience.

Employees for global branding positioning

The best way to create an impactful local brand appeal and branding strategies for international marketing success is through those who work on the operational level – who breathe life and culture in business. The team members who have these tools can use the brand consistently from anywhere as a part of another global brand strategy.

Go borderless with your branding

With digital platforms on the rise, diverse brand strategies in countries need to be a universal proposal devoid of any nation.

Marketers need to think in lines with being glocal. It affects the way global campaigns are conducted, inclusive of cultures yet borderless. These strategies need to be assessed inside out for a successful launch.

Know local nuances thoroughly

Based on a famous event or specific character of the nations, the companies can get their branding and packaging designs altered that complements the emotions of the culture. For example, the Parintins festival is one of Brazil’s big-ticket events. The festival was so popular with fierce brand competitions that brands like Coca-Cola specially produced red and blue coloured cans for the event.

Create a positive influence on new communities

Focusing solely on short-term profits is not a sustainable and long term solution. Brands with a triple goal approach – people, planet and profit – tend to stay in the market as a global company.

Giving back to the community creates a sustainable and healthy community for your business and the people working in it. This community includes your employees who value working with the brand itself.

If you are planning to expand to a new country, it is best to confirm plans to serve the community better.

Many companies establish volunteering and charity as their business strategy. Ultimately, there needs to be a way to incorporate the community.

How can Vowels help your brand succeed globally?

Digital Asset Management is all about the right content to the right people – during the current time – and the ability to track the assets of the company. Some of the employees might need the training to advertise and set base in different countries – specific to brand assets.

This is where Vowels Branding Agency come in.

By incorporating a digital asset management system, you can have a secured means to create, plan, produce and distribute the digital assets effectively. At Vowels, our goal is to make sure that we provide effective global branding solutions to our clients who like to take their brand on a global level and get control of the digital asset lifecycle.