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Vowels is a creative branding agency that offers significant solutions to brand problems by adding real value through intelligent differentiation. We are driven by purpose. We are motivated to make a difference to your brand. We have walked this journey for years altogether, and we’re here to take the ride with you once again. Situated in USA, we have our incredible team of impeccable strategists working for clients in USA regions.

With unmatchable brand building at the epicenter of all our processes, we curate a cohesive marketing strategy that enables positive positioning as well as organic growth. Having our creative studio in India, our team of specialized business maestros work their creative minds to achieve all branding related goals, developing a well-defined company persona, curating a wholesome strategy, devising a visual and verbal tone, and conceptualizing a business story and guideline.

Together, we weave magic. Together, we curate a narrative that intends to cross boundaries, break barriers, take risks, and envisage a new journey for your brand.

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Branding your company will help you differentiate yourself from the competitors and build a loyal customer base. It's a method of forming a strong, favourable impression of a firm, its products, or services in the minds of customers at every interaction i.e. from a retail store visit to an email or from a visiting card to a website. It comprises Brand assessment & Audit, Brand Identity and logo, Brand Architecture, Brand Experience, Naming, Tagline, Brand Campaign, Brand Management, Visual and Verbal system, Brand guidelines, design implementation, communication collaterals, illustration styles, design, corporate profile, Presentation design, web banners, advertising designs, digital brand applications and social media branding.

Logo Design

Vowels is a bespoke logo design firm that creates one-of-a-kind and aesthetically beautiful logo designs for clients in the USA and around the world. We ensure that every logo design we develop is a work of art that functions effectively for its owner thanks to our years of industry knowledge, a professional team of in-house logo designers, and creative illustrators. We thoroughly analyse your brand to understand its nature and target audience, and then we do in-depth research into what the competition is up to and what the client's target audience expects. Our experienced logo designers create a number of "Stylescapes," which are visual representations of how the logo design will fit in the desired brand environment. We finalise the logo after approval, and the designers bring the logo design to life by creating a style guide with colour palettes, typefaces, patterns, and stationery designs.

Packaging Design

We create eye-catching packaging that shines out on the shelf and helps you stand out in a crowded market. There's a lot relying on your packaging's ability to do its job successfully. To persuade a consumer to buy your goods, a good piece of packaging design must succeed at numerous phases. It must first attract the attention of customers, then clearly describe what the product is, why they should care, why your product is superior to the one next to it, and ultimately, provide a cause for them to purchase. From superfood cereals to premium chocolates, luxury cosmetics and elegant perfume, Italian breadsticks, and organic spices, we've successfully designed packaging for a wide range of food and beverage and other FMCG companies.

Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy work discovers exactly who you are, why you exist and what makes you different, so we can develop your unique identity, defining your brand’s purpose and behaviours, and expressing these through every touchpoint. We clarify your mission, find your voice, identify your customers, and define your ambitions through brand strategy. It comprises of Positioning the brand to establish emotional connection with your customer, User Profiles and Journeys simply to identify unfulfilled needs and turn them into competitive advantage, Brand Personality to construct a clear and consistent expression of your brand’s personality as experienced through every touchpoint that people encounter, Brand Attributes that describes the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of the brand, Competitive audit to identifies the strengths and weaknesses in a brand’s competitive landscape.

FAQs About Vowels, The Design Agency

Vowels is a creative design agency that is dedicated to help you actualise the vision you hold for your brand. We are the saviors you need when it comes to solving any business related problems, or making your business breakthrough the clutter of the market.

Specialising in brand building and giving your business a well-rounded approach, a design consultancy creates a persona for your brand. On the other hand, a marketing agency develops marketing strategy once the brand strategy is in place.

A brand guidelines agency gives a wholesome identity to a brand- starting from understanding and analysing the market, to actually devising a logo, tone of voice, look and feel, visual tone and packaging. Whatever growth trajectory you wish for your brand, a cretive company is there to help you out with that!

Yes, we’re synonymous to being branding gurus! We are your absolute one-stop solution for all things graphic design- from brand building, strategising, development and positioning.

Being an agency dedicated to providing branding solutions, Vowels does not provide collaborators for marketing. However, we can recommend collaborators for your company and project.

We are a specialised consultancy wherein we focus our expertise in providing branding services and solutions, beginning from strategy to all the way up to execution.

We, at Vowels, cater to a subpart of social media work, including designing and setting templates and guidelines. However, rest of social media work falls under the purview of social media management which Vowels, being a marketing strategy agency, does not provide.

Broadly, branding solutions cover 4 large umbrellas being discovery and customer mapping, business story and purpose, company personality and image, and brand voice and tone. We, at Vowels, take a step-by-step approach which covers each of these processes so as to arrive at a unique identity for your brand.

Yes, branding has a well-rounded 360 degree solution which includes brand building, starting from strategy wherein the trade name, persona, mission and vision, voice and visual tone are set. Additionally, we, at Vowels, also look into execution from a branding point of view where we lay emphasis on identity design, logo, and design application.

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