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Vowels helps you create unique Logo that can revitalize your brand and build a consistent communication for your customers for them to love you.

What is brand identity? How is it created?

The right brand has the potential to connect with its audience, relaying a story that resonates with them at each step. It personifies the company’s vision and voice. This is why we are dedicated to what we do- give a backbone to your brand to have an identity of its own! We solve complex problems using unmatched strategy, efficient design and creative think. So, let’s make your brand reach heights, shall we?

The process of branding involves multiple points of communication of your brand with your customers. And each of these interactions gives you the opportunity to occupy a certain part of their mind-space.

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Brand Identity Elements



  • Diagnose & Analyse
  • Ideation framework
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand Archetype
  • Brand Attributes Workshop
  • Brand Architecture
  • User Persona



  • Wireframing
  • Layouting
  • Mood Board
  • Brand mocups
  • Brand Image
  • Brand Look & Feel



  • Logo creation
  • Symbol
  • Color Pallette
  • Fonts
  • Stationery
  • Collaterals

Brand Style Guide


  • Logo Usage
  • Color Pantones
  • Font Usage
  • Grid System
  • Patterns & Illustrations
  • Brand Collaterals

— Conceptualisation
It’s usually the first step that seems the hardest. That’s exactly where we step in! Our team of visionaries at Vowels delves in an in-depth process of conceptualisation from the very first go. We analyse and understand your vision and translate it into a name, an identity- a brand. We come up with novel solutions to your branding problems and objectives and meet them with clear and concise concepts. These range from a plethora of dimensions such as market segmentation, brand tone of voice, brand elements and visuals and more!

- Transforming an idea into a tangible brand
- Curating a brand identity and personality for its audience
- Setting a brand tone and a visual mood board
- Designing brand elements which depict what your brand stands for

— Stylescaping
Communicating the look and feel of your brand, we take you on a journey of stylescaping through our carefully curated combination of typography, colours and fonts. Our stylescaping helps us identify the design and visual direction which will be adopted by the brand. We express and steer the visual language of your brand/branding project through our stylescape, learning more about what your brand wishes to depict to its audience.

- We design and develop a visual language for the brand
- Our stylescape depicts the look and feel of your brand
- We curate a set of brand assets- typography and colours, elements and patterns
- We translate your ideas about the brand into designs and layouts

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— Logo Design
Acing the first step of brand building and recognition, our designers with a fine eye for excellent design and develop a logo that translates your brand ideology in the best way possible. We not just curate a stylistic element with captivating colours and fonts but also pan out its well-defined journey. Our logos and illustrations have a well-developed back story, just like your brand does. So, let’s give a face to your brand, one stroke at a time.

- We choose the apt colour, font and style for your logo
- We curate a back story for the logo, upon an in depth discovery session
- We devise and develop a tagline for your brand
- We design patterns and layouts, and iterations of your logo as per your brand’s need

— Style Guide

Upon gathering all visual and verbal elements for the brand, we carve a precise and distinct style guide which lays out the look and feel and personality of your brand. Our style guide helps one place and position its brand in a competitive market, showcasing a unique identity. We curate a detailed and comprehensible style guide for your brand, so as to keep all your stakeholders and team members aligned and on the same page.

- We convey the brand values through a clear-cut and fresh style guide
- We layout the tone of voice and designs to simplify what the brand stands for
- We ensure brand consistency with everything from design to writing

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