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Vowels helps you create packaging designs and guidelines that creates a differentiation through offline shelves or online customer experience.

What is Packaging Design? Why is it important?

Competition is escalating by the day; too many new brands are showing up in the market. Customers are easily alternating between brands and why not? They want to treat themselves to the best. But how do they decide what is best?

How does the journey of best begin in a customer’s mind?
It begins in their first glance on the shelves, the online search results, and the attractive social presence. It begins with Packaging.

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Packaging process

1. Understanding of the brand aura, packaging budget, geographical location, price of the product, distribution channels, brand values

2. A holistic research about the tastes of target audience, competitors’ packaging, brand’s position in the market

3. Taking all of the above factors into consideration, our team works upon creating a mood board & wireframe which is shared with the clients.

4. Designing the most appropriate packaging keylines and content, most suited to the target audience’s taste and the current market trends, while keeping the beauty of the product intact.


— Unique Packaging designs
Perfect for a limited product dealer, Unique Packaging is product-specific packaging created for one particular product. This is usually opted by brands with limited products as getting unique packaging for all their products is feasible for them.

Product Packaging based on What When Where Who and How of that particular product:
- Functionality
- Product Safety
- Taste of target audiences
- Competitors’ packaging models
- Demographics
- Ongoing Trends
- Distribution model

— Packaging Guidelines
A more simplified route to get professional packaging at budgeted rates is a packaging guideline. It is a brand-specific document with a standardized set of rules, letting all products of your brand come under one packaging pattern.

It includes the following -
Logo placement, Typography, Brand colors, Product photography style, Legal Information, Background Colours

Why Guidelines?
- Consistent packaging
- Strong Brand Image
- Increased Brand Familiarity
- Budget-friendly
- Professional & Impactful

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Packaging Which Walks The Talk, Impresses The Lot
One of our prestigious clients wanted to promote themselves as a nature-conscious company. The first step in that was showing that the brand cares. We created a packaging design for them allowing them to use craft paper and the outcome was phenomenal. In simple words, when a brand shows the courage to walk the talk, the customer gets confident to invest in their product. The trust level increases.

Investing in the packaging of your product is investing in your branding, which ultimately leads to continued patronage and ever-growing clientele.

Better packaging = Better brand image = Better product success.

FAQs About Product Packaging Design

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