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Vowels helps you create & revitalize your brand by building a consistent communication for your customers for them to love you.

What is Corporate Branding? How it works?

Looking for expanding your brand and taking it to new horizons? Looking to revamp the existing image of your brand while maintaining the essence of what your brand stands for? This is where we step in! At Vowels, our team of brand strategists understand and analyze your brand and mould and modify it according to the new vision that you set out for the brand. We delve deep into an insightful process that begins with a current analysis of the brand, ending at a new, revised brand guideline for all future purposes. 

The process of branding involves multiple points of communication of your brand with your customers. And each of these interactions gives you the opportunity to occupy a certain part of their mind-space.

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Corporate Branding Consultancy

Discovery & Customer Mapping


  • Diagnose & Analyse
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand Archetype
  • Brand Attributes Workshop
  • Brand Architecture
  • User Persona
  • User Journey

Corporate Rebranding


  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Redesign
  • Communication Guidelines
  • Visuals Usage
  • Brand Collaterals

Brand Style Guide


  • Brand Look & Feel
  • Brand Character
  • Brand Image
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Prism

CI Manual or Brand Guidelines


  • Brand Vocabulary
  • Word Cloud
  • Phrases
  • Verbal System
  • Brand Adjectives
  • Brand Adverbs

— Brand Audit
To revamp and redefine your brand, it is of utmost importance to get an understanding of where the brand currently stands in the market. Our researchers at Vowel study and analyze your brand- focusing on the current positioning, target audience, market segmentation, and brand values. This helps us devise a revised strategy which not only suits your new goal but also fits as a seamless progression from where the brand currently stands.

- We understand your market positioning upon research
- We analyze your perceived image in your audiences’ mind
- We research your brand personality and values
- We evaluate your strengths and weaknesses from a branding point of view

— Business Objectives
Upon a thorough understanding of the current positioning of your brand, we devise and strategize future objectives for the company. Working in tandem with your marketing team, we undergo a comprehensive and extensive discovery session where we establish a future for your brand and pave the way to lead to it. We cover all aspects of branding- starting from identifying the areas where a renewal is most needed, establishing a new personality, voice and look and feel, and carving a niche in the market with our revamped image.

- We curate discovery sessions which help us analyse the new direction you wish to take
- We use projection to analyse your brand’s renewed vision
- We set achievable and seamless future goals and objectives


— Brand Strategy
After ideating upon and setting your future objectives, our team of strategists curate a refreshed look and feel to your brand which translates into how your brand looks, and what it speaks. We work upon setting new guidelines, redesign the logo, and rebrand your brands’ image and persona. We add an element of renewed excitement to your brand so get us on board to check it out for yourself!

- We redesign your brands’ logo
- We set new brand guidelines as per the new goals
- We carve a new look and feel for your brand
- We set the new standard of logo usage

— Brand Guidelines
The final step is to establish a set of new guidelines that give a wholesome approach to your brand, working on the lines of the refreshed brand strategy that has been conceptualized. We curate a full-fledged Corporate Identity (CI) Manual which acts as an emotional tie that binds all the stakeholders together. We also set new templates in terms of the logos, rebranding designs, packaging changes, and more! Connect with us to check out for yourself!

- We devise and curate your CI Manual
- We set new design templates and establish their usage
- We revamp your packaging and other brand assets


FAQs About Corporate Rebranding

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