Basics of Branding in GCC, KSA and The Emirates


The big question which sounds easy to answer but is the ultimate solution to your brand’s success is The Brand itself. So, what’s a brand?

A brand is a sum of notions and feelings. This is what a brand is:

  • How a person feels about a brand?
  • What’s his gut feeling about a brand?
  • What are his initial no-filtered thoughts when a brand name is spoken?


In every head and heart, your brand is perceived differently. Through everything the brand shows to its audiences, all the different ways it connects with them — they subconsciously form a sum of it all, thereby creating a perception about the brand.

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Breaking it down, this brand perception gets developed on the basis of three major factors:

  • Visual aesthetic,
  • Tone of communication, and
  • Market positionin


Another marketing tool that has become a rage across the world is Rebranding.

It refers to strategically tweaking the look and feel of customer’s touch points. It is done with an objective to reset and refresh the customer’s notion about a specific brand. Smart companies and fast-paced brands of today are trusting the creative intellect of professional agencies to give their brand a makeover in a new direction, through a new personality. Changing the way of interacting with the audiences alters the perception about the brand and it ultimately forms the basis of purchasing decisions. Brands in Dubai, KSA area are increasingly shifting towards using Brand Guidelines to reset their brand tone (communication, packaging, look and feel of products, refining social presence, etc.) to maximise customer attention.

Any branding or rebranding strategising is preceded by a ‘brand audit’ – an in-depth understanding of the brand, its goals its customers, their expectations from the brand, the competitors and more. While branding and rebranding are an extensive process involving creative changes at various levels of the brand communication, the first point that needs to be in sync with the overall brand strategy and audiences is the logo – the Face of the Company and the next most important element is packaging – the messenger of the company. Take The Emirate for example. Its logo personifies the brand so beautifully. The seven lines rise up tall indicating movement, positivity and dynamism. The logo is a tribute to the seven great leaders who founded the Emirates.


Creating That Perfect Logo

Talking about the logo, here are the things that must be taken care of while getting it crafted for your brand:

  • Is it apt for the product you are selling?
  • Would it get registered in people’s mind after taking a glance at it?
  • If there is text in the logo, is it easily readable?
  • Is the logo simple and clutter free?
  • Is it going to look good on mobile screens, on buildings, on cartons or bottles – is it going to look appropriate in different sizes and surfaces?
  • For example: the logo of Nike — it is very memorable, very simple and works well on all surfaces – shirts, store walls, TV screens, etc.



The integral idea is to create a logo that stands out yet blends in. The effortless ability to create this balance is what makes a professional branding agency different from designers. If you already have a logo, now is the time to recheck its greatness. If you feel the magic is missing, there is no better time to infuse it right in, right now!

The Power of Packaging

A product is good, uses the best ingredients but how does one know about it other than word of mouth? The only true messenger in that case is packaging. Make it powerful! Whatever the brand stands for, the packaging should indicate that. How, you may ask?

Let’s say yours is a handicrafts brand. You might want to appear as a welcoming, affordable, hand-crafted brand. Packaging helps you send out that message, it lets you convince people that your brand is what they’re looking for. Noon, for example, is a Dubai brand that has garnered immense market love by portraying itself as a customer-friendly, affordable and accessible brand by deploying proficient communication techniques across all touch-points.

After doing an in-depth-research about the brand, we, at Vowels, get into the process of creating the most powerful branding strategy starting with building a brand archetype and defining its attributes. This is followed by devising a unique brand story, a story that touches hearts and creates a shift in the market. It is after devising a brand story that we move on to humanising the brand by giving it a tone and a voice through colours, designs and content that changes mindsets. This is followed by brand positioning to ensure we reach out to the audiences having the desired attributes like income bracket, age range, geographical location, and traits (like e.g.: fashionable, health-conscious, etc.)

On the basis of all these inputs, the process of stylescaping begins. Stylescape is a collection of images put together that would have close relevance to the brand’s aspired look and feel. It’s a summation of colours, designs and different typographies we would want to see in the final result. Stylescaping is just the initial mood-setter after which the real branding story begins! What lies further is even more exciting and here it is.

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