Logo Designing in Dubai, UAE and Saudi Arabia – Decoded

Just like how we humans primarily trust a person based on their looks and appearances, a company primarily builds its trust through its logo. Whatever age group your customers fall in, the first and foremost method they use to identify your product is the logo. Long story short: Logo is the face of the company and it matters, it really does! If you are a brand owner looking for a new logo or wanting to replace your existing logo, you have landed at the right place. Before we dive any deeper, let’s recognise the unsaid importance of a logo (and a good one!).


The beauty of professionally crafted logos is that it brings out a specific connotation which is favourable for the brand. The final logo is just not a piece of art or well-placed aesthetics. It is a summation of the different stories related to the brand. It is the deep hidden meaning behind every good logo design that contributes to the success of brand aura and imagery. Every logo has its own unique vibe and personality. Every logo arouses a different emotion.

Let’s take a brief look at the lovely dual-toned logo of Dubai Tourism.


After launching this logo, Issam Kazim, CEO of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing said, “The new logo features the word ‘Dubai’ written in both Arabic and Roman alphabets, representing the fact that the city is a fusion of cultures and nationalities – a result of the historic and present day approach of being outward looking and open to ideas from across the globe.

Arab companies – big or small, national or international are becoming highly focused on getting an appropriate brand logo which strikes a chord with its customers. With different types of logo designs available, every brand is exposed to different choices. To make a smart decision, let’s understand the 4 major types of logo design.

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1. Word Mark

A logo made out of a word like Dell, FedEx, Coca Cola, Dubai-based make up brand Huda Beauty, etc. are all examples of Word Mark. This type looks supremely simple, outrightly clear and is a great alternative for companies with tight budgets. However simple it may seem to look at, there is a world of difference when an amateur makes a wordmark logo and when a professional creative agency makes it. That difference ultimately suggests the level of  branding you are opting for your brand.

2. Pictorial

Pictorial logo is about using the image of a certain object as the entire logo. Examples of this would be Apple, Lacoste, etc. The image could either suggest the name of the brand like in case of Apple or it could be an image of something else altogether like Lacoste’s logo is that of a crocodile. Fun fact: Lacoste’s logo came to life because its founder was nicknamed as “crocodile” while he was playing tennis.

As we discussed above, a logo is built keeping a story in mind; it could be depiction of the motive behind building the brand, or the thoughts of the person building the brand or something else which is more personal to the founder(s). We, at Vowels, encourage our clients to speak their hearts out while giving us brand briefs. Based on all the experiences, thought processes, motives and vision we have gathered from the client, our creative team masterfully creates a logo which is revolutionary in itself, and one which resonates with the values of the brand and of the founding members.

3. Abstract Imagery

This is everyone’s favourite logo type in Dubai and UAE. Unlike the other two types, abstract imagery is something someone has never done before, it is fresh and unprecedented. This is about creating a unique brand logo on the design desk right from scratch. Examples of this would be The Emirates, NBC, Pepsi, AirBNB, Windows, etc.


Based on personal preference, brands go either of these logotypes or use a combination of these types. Middle-Eastern e-commerce brand, Noon features a successful mix of wordmark and abstract imagery in its logo. It is clean, abstract and doesn’t fail to grab your attention online. 


You must have noticed Google has a new logo on every special occasion. If it’s Women’s Day, the logo will suggest so. On another day, if it is the birthday of a renowned personality, the logo will feature him/her. That is Logo Systems. Likewise, MTV is another classic example of Logo Systems. The basic logo framework remains the same but the surrounding elements change depending on the theme.


Logo Systems is a growing trend across various geographies including UAE. These are different graphics which adapt to different themes, events or causes which the brand wants to promote. Having said that, this type is majorly only appropriate for online companies or channels. Also, this alternative is naturally more expensive than others. 

What’s Your Pick?

Which logotype do you prefer for your brand? Which colour palette should you go for? How will your logo look on websites, apps, bills, pens and letterheads, etc.? Is it created with a futuristic approach and stay relevant or would it get outdated soon? All these parameters and more should be taken into consideration before creating that perfect logo which attracts your audiences and stands the test of time. With you having to handle your business, it is best to leave logo designing in the hands of creative agencies specialised in logo designing.

From India and the Middle East to the US in the West, our brand consultancy is spread across different countries to assist all new businesses looking for a brand new logo, a solid marketing strategy and impressive brand identity, as well as old ones looking for a holistic corporate rebranding. If there is any question you might have regarding logo designing/branding/rebranding, please feel free to contact us.