How to Use Packaging Design as a Marketing Advantage

Brand packaging is one of the important aspects of the marketing process as it attracts and helps the customers resonate and connect with the brand, reinforcing brand identity and message.

Packaging design helps the customers to decide what product to buy by displaying the information and expressing the brand through art. Packaging is the first introduction to the brand. Make it count.


Do you need a packaging designer? Think about it

A survey found out that 72% of consumers say that their purchasing decision is influenced by packaging design. Custom design of packaging is always the best option for better consumer behavior.

The product packaging style is the first thing a prospective customer will see on the shelf. The customer makes their first impression about the product and the company based on the package design.

Even though the total value of the product cannot be determined by the product package designing, there is a good chance to win over a customer on the shelf.

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A perfect combination of design and medium of packaging can enhance the product.

  • It creates a clear impression of your product
  • It reminds customers about the brand and products associated with it.

Good packaging defines and shapes the brand’s identity. But to create it effectively, a consistent impression will help you to recognize brands and products.

Ask yourself

  • Does your packaging display the logo?
  • Do you make effective use of colors, fonts, and trademarks?
  • Does your packaging convey relative emotions?
  • Does your packaging design impact your customers?
  • Does it create or rekindle a memory from regular customers?

If your answer is NO, it is time to redesign your packaging

Packaging is an impactful medium of communication

Packaging designs are different from brand to brand, but there is one thing that they have in common – Information. You have to tell your customers what they need to know

Few questions to clarify:

  1. Who is the product for?
  2. Where can they learn about the manufacturer?
  3. Does the product have an expiration date?
  4. What improvement will it make in your customers’ life?

Put those answers on your packaging, so that they learn about you and your product much more before they open their box.

Packaging adds value and utility to the application of the product

Along with the right marketing, your packaging design needs to be practical and informative. It needs to have useful and functional to the customer.

  1. Protection: Without safely packing, your product can be vulnerable to several environmental hazards.
  2. Storage: Before the product is sold, it is stored in inventory. The packaging design is considered, ensuring that the product can be effectively stacked, stored, and maintained.

Give more attention to details

Don’t brush off the minute details in your packaging. Carefully planned package design allows customers to understand that you are in serious business. Details like sustainable packaging and FDA information can help you build customers’ trust and avoid being ignored on a shelf.

Experts find that bold and bright colors are the trend in 2020. It is a way to get noticed and make their way up in the competition.

Consider the appearance on the shelf

Think about where your product will be sold and consider it as a guide to create the packaging layout. Consider fonts that will help your customers recognize the brand from afar or colors that can instantly make them remember.

Adding versatility

Design the package in a way that is versatile and can be upgraded, adjusted in case of any variation, range, and collections.

To make versatile packaging, the first is to determine who is your audience? Will they approve variations in the product? How personalized can you get with your packaging?

As mentioned earlier, you need to determine the functionality as a part of your packaging design.

Determine your packaging layers

To make the most of creative packaging, consider narrowing down layers that will work well for your brand. For instance, can your product be offered in a bundle or individually?

Remember that you don’t need to slap on the same packaging design for every component to make them look together. In fact, that can make it look a bit tacky. Take time to design each product variety.

Consider packaging material

Creating a design for packaging also includes knowing the material for packaging. You need to consider the material that will help to protect the product and sustainable values of your company.

Materials can help you to understand the prints and colors that can go along with the product packaging material. For instance, a white deign on a brown paper looks rustic and elegant, yet bold.

Material of the packaging also adds to users’ experience and helps them to make an unconscious judgement of the brand based on the packaging material and designs that are used in the process.

Keep it Simple and Smart

A unique design usually instills interest and catches the attention of the audience. It doesn’t have to be bizarre. For some industries, it pays well if the design is simple. Simpler design can help your brand to stand out in a significant way.

For instance, going with simple and smart design works well with products in health and wellness. Luxury, high-end items usually sport a clean and sophisticated design.

Invest in professional work

Product package designing is a creative process and Vowels’ graphic designers know their craft and what works well in a specific industry. You don’t have to settle down for less when it comes to packaging as it can make or break your brand. Your packaging helps to market your product more personally and create a bond that will keep your customers coming back.

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