Best Logo Design Ideas for Your Travel Agency

Branding is a key element to the success of any business. As much as that is true, a key part of branding is the logo. When it comes to a travel business, a creative travel logo can go a long way in bringing success to the brand.

A well-conceptualized logo design is very important to create a lasting impression on the target audience and potential customers. With an attractive, well-designed and appropriate logo for travel agency, you can establish a brand identity and recognition in the target market.

Brand logos are important across all industries. Different brands and industries make use of logos in different ways. Logos are a kind of identification for a brand. It tells the target audience and potential customers about the business and what it is all about. It describes the ethos and principles of a business in a concise and effective manner.

That being said, travel logo design is an integral part of brand marketing in the travel industry. A creative and modern travel agency logo can make a huge impact and take the business to new heights of success. Although, designing the ideal logo can be a pretty challenging task.

In the next part of this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about travel agency logo design and some incredible travel logo design ideas that can be very helpful and effective in your brand marketing campaign.

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1. What Makes For The Perfect Travelling Company Logo?

The tourism industry is incredibly competitive right now. This is especially true after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the effect of which is still realized even after the pandemic has subsided pretty much all across the globe.

For travel businesses in a super-competitive industry like this, standing out in the target market is extremely essential. A creative design and a unique travel website logo is critical for the success of your branding campaign. A modern travel agency logo design will help set a travel company apart from the rest of its competitors.

A more important question here would be what is a well-designed logo, and how can you get one for your travel business?

The answer to this is quite simple and the effectiveness of a travelers logo depends upon the concept and its imagery, shapes, fonts, and colors. The key aim of tours and travel logo design endeavors is to make the travel business instantly recognizable. A good travel logo design differentiates a travel company from other companies in the market.

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2. The Key Qualities Of A Good Travel Agency Logo

A creative and modern travel agency logo design must enumerate versatility. The logo design must be able to tell the story and the vision of the brand in an appropriate and yet simple and concise manner. As it was already said, a brand logo is the insignia of the company. The travel agency name and logo are two things that tell a lot about the brand and also represent the ideas, services and values of the brand.

It is therefore important to make sure that a proper design is chosen through extensive research on the current styles and trends in the market. The brand logo must showcase your brand should be able to grab the attention of the target audience.

The process of creating a logo for travel agency can be challenging and complicated. This is because of the varied and several underlying factors that lay an impact on the appearance and impact of the logo for your brand. Right from its ideation and conceptualization to the color scheme, font and presentation, there are a variety of other factors to take care of.

Let us now take a look at the key characteristics of a good and modern travel agency logo. Be it a travel website logo or be it being used in other brand marketing campaigns as well, when well ideated and designed, a logo for travel agency can be very effective and fundamental to the success of the brand.

Here’s all that makes for a great travel agency logo design


This is one of those things that you simply cannot ignore when it comes to brand logos. It can’t be over-emphasized as simplicity is one of the most important things for a great travel logo design. A simple travelling company logo offers a variety of advantages including the fact that it communicates the brand message and vision in an uncomplicated manner to the target audience.

It will also make your logo easy to use in a variety of media and platforms. A simple travel agency logo will make the brand easily recognizable and significantly enhance the recognition of the brand.


The travel company logo must not just be simple but must also be relevant to the services and vision of the brand. The travelers logo you use must be able to enhance brand recognition through appropriate reflection of the services offered by the brand. This must be done with the use of appropriate colors, shapes, fonts and imagery.

A creative and modern travel agency logo that is relevant to the target market and the target audience based on your brand and services will help you get better results for your business and any marketing campaign as such.


It cannot be emphasized enough that the best travel logo designs must be versatile and attractive to get the attention you need towards your brand. This is generally because you will need to work across a variety of media platforms in the tourism industry, catering to a vast range of audience across the target market and region.

The travel agency logo design you get for your brand must be flexible enough to enable you to scale them up or down and also print them. It cannot be just a travel website logo and must look great under any circumstances.


You cannot change the brand logo time and again, and too frequently as well. This is why a travel agency logo must be something that has a timeless design. You need to hit the perfect balance between trendiness and timelessness to make the logo fit for all purposes and also make sure that it doesn’t look dated a few years from the present.

Along with that, you must remember that the purpose of your travel logo is to build brand identity and recognition. It makes your brand distinct from others, and helps capture the attention of the target audience and potential customers, leaving a positive impression. Therefore you have to create a design for your travel agency logo that must be memorable.

3. The 5 Best Travel Agency Logo Design Ideas

Now that you have a fair idea of the most important qualities of a modern travel agency logo let us take a look at some of the best travel agency logo design ideas that can be the perfect inspiration for your brand’s logo.

Heidi Campers

Their logo enumerates simplicity and timelessness with a design and style that is perfect for a travel business that offers camping packages. A natural design, perfect font and a catchy slogan, that’s all that is needed to make an impression.


Displaying a minimal image of a rabbit to highlight the brand name “Hopper” and integrating it with the font style in a bright color makes the logo a perfect one. It makes the name of the brand memorable and also highlights its key service: going around.


A simple green circle with a dotted arrow in its middle, Citymapper’s clean arrow signifies the brand’s true ethos of direction and journey and highlights the key services that are Real-World Travel and Transportation.


A conglomerate of all things travel and tourism, TripAdvisor’s logo is the finest example of visual illustration that can take any brand a long way and tell a compelling story about its true purpose.

Wandering Iceland

This logo defines that you need nothing but a good font and a proper background color to create an identity for your brand. Simple and very elegant.

4. VOWELS Is Your Go-To Destination For Creative Travel Logo Designs

Creating the perfect travel agency logo is not just about knowing some principles and tricks. It requires skills, creativity and the right vision as well. When it comes to travel logo designs for your brand, taking help of an expert is the best bet. VOWELS  is a reputed and preferred name when it comes to the best travel logo design for your brand. With years of experience in the industry and a team of creative and highly proficient experts, they are your go-to destination to create the perfect travel website logo for your brand.

5. FAQs

How do I make a logo for my travel company?

The best solution to create the perfect logo for your travel business is to hire reputable and experienced professionals for the job. Such professionals have the knowledge, experience and creativity and can design a unique and innovative logo that is suitable for your brand and niche of services.

How much time does it take to design a travel logo?

The time needed to create a travel logo will depend upon your specifications and needs. The more detailed, innovative and vivid the logo is, the more time it will take. It might also take varying amounts of time based upon the kind of conceptualization being done, and the efficiency of the professionals doing the job.

What are the most important things to remember for travel logo design?

  • It should represent the brand, its vision and story.
  • Research and check other travel indur to logos.
  • Colors, fonts and imagery are all equally important.
  • Hiring professionals for travel logo design is the best way to go.
  • Be creative, innovative and unique with your ideas.