Best Pizza Packaging Design Ideas

Brands across the world use their packaging to boost their reputation. By using an appropriate food packaging design, they can solidify their brand identity among customers. This is also true for pizza packaging design. Without a doubt, you can take your brand to the next level by choosing the right pizza box. Pizza boxes are not only meant to keep the pizza safe during delivery but also help preserve their taste.

How is pizza packaging important?

Pizza is one of the most popular food items around the world. With its universal appeal and great taste, there’s a lot of business in this segment. Food chains around the world use eye-catching boxes for their pizza. There’s a reason behind that. After all, since the box isn’t even the main item of sale, brands can probably cut corners there. However, a pizza box is more important than simply a container for pizza delivery. Here are some of their top uses for pizza brands.

The pizza box is generally made out of cheap, eco-friendly, highly resistant to pressure, and thermally insulated cardboard. This allows the pizza to remain warm and fresh, thus preserving its taste. In addition, since they are pretty sturdy, they can be stacked to save space.

Packaging is the basic vehicle of advertisement for a brand. Pizza packaging is also used as a form of advertisement. With innovative styles and print designs, it helps raise the visual appeal of the brand as well.

Modern pizza boxes are very good at preventing pizza from having a soggy bottom. The previous style of pizza packing usually left the bottom of the pizza soggy. But utilizing the latest designs, with punctuated top covers, brands successfully prevented pizzas from getting a soggy bottom.

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Since pizza boxes are made of cardboard, they’re quite easy to print on. This allows brands to customize their pizza packaging designs as they wish. The ability to customize helps brands carve out a unique identity for themselves to set them apart from their competitors.


Top Pizza Packaging Ideas

A pizza box is a projection of the pizza and the brand. Smart businesses will choose to utilize every single aspect of it to make it an effective marketing tool. They can even make the design interactive by using printed games like tic-tac-toe. Small things like these go a long way in creating a solid image for the brand. Here are some packaging designs of the top brands across the globe.

1. Choice Kraft Corrugated Pizza Box

A simplistic brown color and design with two large tables extending from the front bottom that slightly elevate it. This elevation helps reduce condensation on the top and separate stacked boxes. A small half circle cut allows for the easy opening of these tuck-style lids. This pizza box is economical, minimalistic, and practical.

2. Fisz Pizza Box

An elegant design with minimalistic text. The brand name is printed squarely in the center surrounded by an assortment of food on the opposite corners. The gold color of the print highly emphasizes it on a matt black background creating a sharp contrast. With such a pizza box, no price is high enough.

3. Choice Clamshell Box

A unique pizza packaging design that is made in the shape of a large single pizza slice. Its top can be easily opened and closed with a Fremont lock slot. Its top features a decorative print of a wood-fired oven adding appeal to its packaging. Its side is decorated with texts to emphasize the fresh and hot pizza inside. The backside of this box conveniently features a list of ingredients to help you mark each topping easily and provide faster service.

4. Nicci Pizza Box

Another premium design is in black. Nicci pizza packaging box features the brand logo in the middle with a tagline on the side to put focus on tomatoes. A tomato image also takes up space in the top end of the box to match the tagline. Its symmetrical pentagonal shape makes it easy to handle and open. The bottom half of the design is decorated with fine details regarding the pizza in faded text color.

5. Italiyano’s Pizza Box

A highly colorful design in a long rectangular box. The Italiyano’s pizza box is eye-catching and bright. It features an image of their signature dish on the top with the brand name and the pizza type on the side. With its pleasing design, it is certainly bound to attract a few customers.

6. Greenbox Pizza Boxes

Made from recycled material, this pizza box has multifunctional capabilities. It has a simple design with its top branded with the logo highlighting its 100% recycled nature. The sides of this box contain instructions on redesigning the box by tearing off its parts. This allows it to be broken down into smaller sizes and easily manage leftovers. It also allows for easy refrigeration and frozen pizza packaging. People who are concerned with environmental impact will find this box to their liking.

7. San Margherita Pizza Boxes

This pizza packaging box is decorated with a highly intriguing back and white art as its background. The features of the pizza are cleverly incorporated into the art with the brand name being highlighted in bright colors in one corner. It has a small semicircle on the front to easily open the box with contact details of the brand on its side. This design is simple, basic, and eye-catching.

8. Bagcraft Clamshell Pizza Box

A basic brown clamshell pizza box design that is made for maximizing storage. The box comes with side vents to keep the pizza slice fresh and warm.  However, its most outstanding feature is its cutout window covered with a polypropylene film. This allows the consumer to take a sneak peek into the contents of the box.

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