Best Jewelry Logo Design Ideas for Your Need

Jewelry and ornaments construct a significant part of the luxury industry. Every jeweler wishes to create brand value in this ever-booming market. However, the possibility of getting such an immense response depends upon how well you represent your company, doesn’t it? Well, this is when the role of creative jewelry logo design comes in!

A logo for a jewelry company has to be royal and appealing in a classic way. Logo designing has to be a part of your marketing strategy. People generally recognise every company with its logo. So, for you to make an impactful recognition, it is essential to start the process quite neatly.

The best part is that the process does not have to be as complex as you may deem. With the right logo design agency, you can make your jewelry logo in the simplest way possible! Here are all the steps you need to follow to get your desired logo design.


1. What Kind of Jewelry Logo is the Best?

The essence of jewelry or an ornament is all about grace and royalty. Women love adorning jewelry to enhance their beauty and look, don’t they? Well, nowadays, men too do the same! So, your jewelry logo must have all these qualities, including the brand story that you want to tell. Use an icon, vector, design or typography that connects to the roots of your company. This way, you can design a logo that represents your company in the world market.

Are you ready to figure out how all of this works? Read on to get some inspiring ideas and solutions to queries about logo designing.

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2. Steps To Make An Appealing Jewelry Company Logo

A creative jewelry logo design is easier to make when you have professional assistance to help you in the process. Once you have hired a branding agency, these are the steps you need to follow to develop your design. It is all about putting all the required elements together!


First, you need to visualize the kind of jewelry logo you want to use for the company. Like, whether it would be all about typography or an icon. You just write down everything you have in your vision and discuss it with your branding team.

Pick Colors

Ask your branding team to explain the context of all the colors that go well with your business. However, try to keep it to one or two colors only. Yes, using a statement color is much better than creating a mixture of multiple shades.

Select Designs

An elegant jewelry logo is not a one-night result. You should ask your branding team to come up with some prototype designs based on everything you want. They can develop some basic ideas to help you understand how your imagination would turn out in creativity.

Bring Perfection

Shortlist your top picks and perfect them with the professionals on your team. The more experienced your team is, the higher will be your chances of coming up with some exclusive results.

3. Some Handy Tips To Design Jewelry Logo

A simple jewelry logo can represent the grandeur of a diamond aficionado, right? There is no rule that you have to make your logo as grand as the products you sell. It is all about making it appealing and emotionally connective. Make the process simpler using the given tips.

  • If you want a simple logo design, simplify your thinking too. Yes, you do not have to think of crowns or necklaces or anything that directly represents your products. It is more about allowing your customers to feel connected to it. So, use your brand story for the logo!
  • Make a statement for your brand using any font, icon or color that you want to use in your logo. For instance, Tiffany & Co has made the unique blue shade their trademark in the market.
  • A logo for jewelry business can also be about vectors and unique designs that form a certain shape. So, keep your focus on that as well.

4. Jewelry Logo Designs: Learn From The Top 5!

One thing about creating a logo design for jewelry shop is that you can take inspiration from hundreds of brands that exist in the market. When it comes to diamonds and gold, the competition is pretty high! However, we need to look up only a few companies that have excelled in logo designing. Here are the top five for you!

Tiffany & Co.

The Tiffany & Co company uses turquoise as its statement color in logos, jewelry boxes and everything to represent style and elegance. Although the company use this color background and typography of its name in most logos, there is something different with the use of its popular product, the diamond key. It symbolises unity and love.


Cartier started with a logo monogram in the business and ended up with classy typography. The intertwining “C” letters are a representation of the close bond that generations of jewelers have shared in the company. This kind of jewelry logo catches attention and connects to customers.

Harry Winston

Harry Winston is well-known as the kind of diamond, and it ensures using this title in its logo. Yes, the logo depicts an engagement ring with the initials of the company, H and W, which also represent husband and wife. This way, it connects with its potential customers just by using its logo design jewelry.


Being the largest diamond jeweler in the world market, Signet uses simplicity as its key. With the symbol of a standing lion in its icon, the company uses very basic typography to spell its name.


Chopard uses refined and elegant typography in its logo, and the term “Geneve” is written below the company name, which is the headquarters of the firm. This unique yet stylish emblem represents the roots of the company.

5. Is There Any Use of Free Logo Makers Online?

Lately, many businesses have started dwelling upon the use of free online services to create a logo. A free jewelry logo maker must have also appeared as an option for you online, right?

Well, as amusing and promising as it sounds, it is not that simple to get your desired logo on these platforms. If you go through the leading platforms thoroughly, you would find only a set of simple fonts, colors, and design mockups are free. Yes, the rest of the trendy tools come at a cost. So, there is no such thing as a free logo maker that can help you get the best jewelry logo. You must seek the help of professionals for this purpose.

6. Design an Iconic Jewelry Logo With VOWELS

Creating a jewelry design logo sounds interesting and fun, doesn’t it? With all this information you have gathered in this article, you can use your knowledge and wisdom to craft an appealing logo. And, for professional assistance, you have VOWELS to back you up with any kind of resources you need! Just share your ideas, and let us do the creative part! Our team nurtures the best minds who know the latest market trends.

We can help you get the kind of jewelry logo you want! So, contact us today or visit us online for all the required details.

7. Your Questions & Our Answers

Q. Does every jewelry company require a logo?

Ans. Yes, every jewelry company that wishes to expand its business and create a brand value must have a unique and creative jewelry logo design. Just keep all the tips in mind to come up with the most attractive logo!

Q. Is it possible to make jewelry logos for free?

Ans. Yes, you can make a jewelry company logo online on logo-making platforms that offer mockups of certain designs. However, on these portals, your window is limited, and you have to choose between the available options. Also, some of these mockups are not free! So, technically, a free service may not be your best shot!

Q. Does a branding agency make jewelry logos?

Ans. Yes, a well-versed branding agency makes all kinds of logos, including a jewelry logo. With ample knowledge of logo designing tools and elements, it becomes easier to craft appealing designs exclusively for a company.

Q. How much does it cost to make jewelry company logos?

Ans. The cost may vary from the type of service you choose and the branding agency service charges. However, you may find a few agencies that offer quite reasonable services, making it easier for startups to get a logo and branding service without bearing huge investments.

Q. Which branding agency makes the best jewelry logo?

Ans. VOWELS is one of the branding agencies today! It has gained recognition for its highly impressive work for some renowned companies. The firm offers end-to-end branding services. You can get in touch with their customer service online to get all the details.