Brands That Sell Human Connection Sell Faster & Last Longer


It’s not what ‘hits the market’ first but what ‘hits the hearts’ first that wins the race.

In today’s day and age, it is not necessary to launch a service with more convenience or better innovation design. Today’s successful brands are bringing a normal product with a heart-wrenching story to ace the race. You could also hit a fortune by launching an already existing market product with a masterfully crafted yet honest brand story. Here’s how!


Paying attention to people is just as crucial as paying attention to your product.

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Success lies in winning hearts


It is through the heart that a newly launched brand or an existing brand emerges as a widely loved brand. When people start to feel deeply for the brand, when they become emotionally invested in its story — that is when the brand is set on the trajectory of success.

Connecting at a deeper level


Connecting with your audiences at a deeper consciousness  is key. It’s more than just giving more value through products, it’s more than just creating the image of a socially responsible brand. It’s more than all of that. Just simply saying that you care for your artisans wouldn’t draw your audiences closer to making a purchase.


A consistent brand imagery to sustain that brand identity is crucial. It is something that every brand, whether it is selling a common product or an innovative one has to consciously integrate into its marketing by taking some steps with the help of specialists. For Example: Noon, Dubai’s popular online marketplace’s marketing has successfully created its consumer-centric brand identity. People connect with the brand imagery, trust it, buy from it and keep coming back for more.

Make People Vibe With Your Brand


People, especially the Millennials like to advocate for brands whose stories they connect with. Whether it’s wearing its products like jerseys or using its stationery or simply sharing its post on their personal social media, they do it with ease and in the heat of the moment. This makes them feel good, makes them feel that they belong here and hence, they want to go all out to share their kind of brand with their tribe.

People like sharing what they found and their sharing frequency increases if they like what they found.

Sharing is happiness for most Millennials.

Consumers today want to invest in a brand in its initial stage and once the brand starts getting public attention, they take pride in having discovered that brand early on and they are excited to share their discovery with the world. They robustly share their experiences with their friends, family and mostly over their personal social media or on their blog if they have any. For Example: If a corporate tech junkie discovers your brand and likes your product, he is most likely to share it with all his colleagues at his workplace, thereby giving you brand exposure at zero cost. Once the brand becomes known, he would want to portray himself as one of the early discoverers of the brand, ultimately leading to a higher brand value in the long-run.


Engaging conversations on social media


People want to actively participate with your social channels if your brand story strikes a chord with them and your brand values resonate with theirs. People even share something they find interesting on your page – whether it’s a fun video or a heart-touching story of the artisans or just an attractive looking product. They share. And those who they share it with, share even further. That is why these days startups are stealing limelight at a flashy speed and getting more attention than established brands. This frequent impulsive sharing is induced by social media apps like Instagram, etc. and aids new brands to reach thousands of lakhs of people without spending a lot of marketing budget. But it all starts with one thing: When Your Brand Story Creates A Human Connection.


The customer stays with you if you make him feel better. Telling the brand story in a strategic way with the help of professionals can land you in a magnetic position where people come in flowing to you. The idea is to make a connection with the consumer at every touchpoint through standardised communication — if selling at malls, it could be through incredible packaging, if selling online, then social media handles or your website should be able to strike a chord. Middle-Eastern brands in KSA and Gulf Area are vigorously relying on Packaging Guidelines to keep their communications more streamlined and professional across different channels. Consistency is queen, indeed.

The bottom-line is that if the brand story works its magic on the consumers on a consistent  basis, no doubt a purchase from them would come soon and once they are satisfied with the product, their loyalty just plays on repeat, bringing  you long-run benefits. Regardless of whether your product is an innovation or a generic commodity, what stays is the connection before selling, and the product experience after selling — that doesn’t fade away! And that is what makes a brand The Brand. 

If you have been planning to launch a new startup or rebrand an existing one, now is the time to get started. Whether it is a logo redesign, a website redesign, refreshed messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time you get in touch with professional branding agencies like Vowels to make your vision come true. We specialize in brand consultancy, strategy, brand guidelines, CI manual, brand presentation, and corporate branding.

PS: “It all starts with human connection .

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