The Need for A Long-Lasting Look for New Startups

Being an entrepreneur is fun, especially when working on the business model and its comprehensive strategies. However, when you begin to promote your product, your concept collides with reality. Getting a potential buyer’s attention is really hard in this oversaturated industry.


Young executives, on the other hand, can go deeply into marketing by recruiting staff. Nevertheless, the issue is not with marketing but with creative branding.

A faulty branding may cost a lot to the company, causing fear across the organization. However, when done well, it can create an instant connection with your audience and elicit emotions like no other.

With this Blog, you can go over several branding lessons that can save you a lot of stress and restless nights.

Best 5 Importance of Branding for New Businesses

1. Branding Develops Your Brand

Marketing a fantastic product or service isn’t enough in today’s visually-saturated industry. We strongly urge you to employ a professional creative designer to build your visual identity unless your new business is a creative enterprise. The logo, colors, and fonts you employ today will make the initial impression on a new audience and help them remember you as they build thoughts about your business.

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2. A Logo is Crucial

Since it is a Startup’s first exposure to its audience, appearances are a crucial component of branding. Visual components like shape identity, including a logo, colors, typography, and pictures are all very important. However, slapping your brand all over the place won’t cut it. Intangible components like language, taglines, sound, and social media give the brand a life, and as much as visual components form a character.

3. Brand Story Raises Awareness of Your Fresh Concept

A strong brand requires effective storytelling. Using the hero’s journey paradigm, your brand messaging should portray your consumer as the hero who saves the day thanks to your product or service. It is an excellent chance for businesses with new ideas to capture their audience’s attention and bring them into the tale you are producing.

4. Understand Your Purpose and Influence More People

When building a branding strategy for a new business, it is critical to remember that every piece of branding, such as the logo, colors, fonts, designs, and copy, contributes to creating a position.

In layperson’s terms, a brand’s purpose is a reason a brand exists other than to make money.

5. Think Outside the Box

By this stage, you should understand how to create a distinct visual and verbal story – now is the time to consolidate your knowledge about your product and the character you want to project via the brand and connect it with your business goal.

Create a brand environment, also known as a brand guideline that will help you from making website icons, pick colors to intangible components like voice and tone.

Challenges Issues Encountered by A Startup When Branding

  • Inadequate Knowledge: Creating market-oriented designs is tough due to a lack of marketing understanding, talent, and experience. As a result, a reputable agency can supply you with the expertise you now lack.
  • Value Proposition: It is not just about establishing a firm that offers basic products or services but also about striving to match expectations.  If your goods have a poor value proposition, you must solve it swiftly. A smart marketing firm will understand your goals and assist you in creating market value for your brand.
  • The Marketing Budget is Limited: Consider how simple it would be to advertise your Startup if you had an infinite budget. However, many businesses need more funds to spend on marketing, especially when other departments want more assistance. However, employing specialists may create fantastic marketing and market growth strategies on a budget.

Work with Vowels

If you’re a Startup looking to establish a name for yourself or an individual seeking a new beginning, Vowels can help you rebrand your company. Whether you need a logo design, a website design, customized messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time to contact a professional branding agency like Vowels to bring your vision to life.

Vowels Clients:

1. The Sparkle Tower Real Estate

Sparkle Startup

Brand Communication & Website Design for Business Launch

When Sparkle Tower, a Dubai Hotel, started, it wasn’t easy to build an online presence. So, they took help from our agency. We guided them with a full brand layout and a thematic approach, making their website and systematically streamlining their online platform.


Fit-Af Startup

Brand Strategy and Brand Launch

A fitness brand offering health supplements came to us for a good brand strategy for its launch. We did market research and offered them a good campaign, logo, and brand guidelines.


Q. How should a Startup brand itself?

Ans. Here are the tips –

  • Creating a new brand mainly involves the following steps:
  • Do some research on your targeted audience.
  • Decide on your personality and focus.
  • Decide on a company name.
  • Develop your slogan.
  • Decide on your brand’s appearance (colors and font).
  • Create your company’s logo.
  • Create brand guidelines and brand accordingly

Q. Is branding crucial for Startups?

Ans. Any successful business needs branding because it makes you stand out in a crowded market. Your brand should be consistent throughout your marketing materials, including your logo, website, and packaging. With this strategy, the customers will be more likely to identify you next time they want your products or services.

Q. How can I build a brand in the UAE?

Ans. Here are the best suggestions for building a brand in UAE –

  • Check to see if the trademark has already been registered.
  • Complete the application on the ministry of economy’s website.
  • Pay the UAE trademark registration costs.
  • Approach the Ministry of Economy to assess your application.
  • Print the notification in two Arabic-language publications in the area.