Best Tea Packaging Design Ideas

Tea is a widely popular and loved beverage. After water, the most drank beverage in the world is tea. Coming home and relaxing with a drink of chamomile tea or getting health benefits from green or Oolong tea or enriching your body with antioxidants with a cup of ginger tea are just a few of how people enjoy their cup of this loving goodness.

The worldwide demand for tea has made it so that there are new tea product sellers every day. To stand out from your competition, a food packaging design that attracts your ideal customer is a must-have. In this article, we will take a look at the most inspiring or innovative tea packaging design ideas to find inspiration.


Things To Consider When Creating Package Design

  • Details About The Product: – The basic details about the product are required to be known for your tea packaging ideasThe information such as the size, material, type of product, etc can help in the logistics of the design.
  • Your Ideal Customer: – The ideal customer helps in product design because the package is designed for them. If your tea is concentrated toward an affluent customer, it will require a touch of luxury in its designs to attract such customers. If your tea is made specially to relieve menstrual pain it would be wise to use soft and feminine packaging for the packaging.
  • Brand Requirements: – The colour, font, logo and other such brand requirements that will be required for the product’s packaging should be considered so the spacing and overall look appear cohesive.
  • The Origin: – The origin of the tea should also be considered when designing the packaging because tea and the country that they are from often have a strong link to one another. For example in Japan, green tea is very popular and is a part of the food culture. The use of Japanese influences in the green tea packaging will make the packaging design more authentic, beautiful, and meaningful.

Most Popular Tea Packaging Designs

The best tea packaging designs have been handpicked by us and shown here. These designs showcase everything that a tea packaging design should have.

1. Poet Tea

The elegant design of Poet Tea is simple but impactful. There are different colours for different flavours of tea. The classic and timeless tin container designs create a nostalgic vibe for its customers. Using tin can packaging is also a very smart decision for loose leaf tea packaging because every customer would desire to keep the beautiful design saved in their home for storage purposes.  The Poet Tea’s natural and organic tea from the hills of Sri Lanka is reflected on its package as well through the little organic flourishes.


2. Tealicious

Tealicious utilizes the influence of beautiful blooming flowers to arrest the attention of its customer. The packaging clearly shows the influence of Florence, Italy which is where the brand is from. The same packaging can be used for all the different kinds of tea that they offer hence, it is very resourceful. The label of the tea has been kept empty so the name, composition and preparation methods for the perfect tea can be displayed clearly on the package.

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3. Whistle Blower Tea Co.

The concept of Whistle Blower Tea Co. is one of honesty and sustainability and being true to this philosophy even in the packaging of the product is what makes the tea stand out from its competitors. The packaging is very clean and minimal with emphasis on the logo. The font is a bold photographic style that shows the dedication of the brand towards its honest voice by showing every ingredient in detail.


4. Nudeytea

The Nudeytea packaging shows us the importance of brand identity. The bright coloured pallet of this tea brand automatically draws the eyes towards it. Each variety of tea has a different bright palette packaging. The tea is a healthy tea option that is made for health-conscious customers. Hence, it utilizes colour and design elements similar to those of health drinks. The looping text on the packaging also plays an important role in showing the green and healthy feel of the product.


5. Monstea

Monstea has picked a very interesting target group for its customer base- children. This is an unconventional choice that allows for a lot of uniqueness and innovation in the tea bag packaging design. Monstatea’s unique design also allows it to become a flower pot for plants after use and the tea bags can be used as fertilizer for plants. Going with this theme, the information on the package is also provided in a very playful way to arrest the attention of children.


6. FongCha Tea

Tea is a stress reliever for many and is often linked to our childhood memories too. The FongCha tea brand takes the advantage of both of these features to create a very beautiful packaging design. Abstract illustrations which are sure to remind us of our childhood are used in the packaging of tin and paper boxes. The logo is also an illustration of an animal to go along with this theme.

Taiwan’s special teas are sold by FongCha and to showcase the speciality of the origin country the trees, rivers, and birds are shown. The black backsplash draws attention to the illustration while also looking very chic.



What are the common types of tea packaging design?

There are various kinds of tea packaging designs available in the market. These include foil stand-up pouches, paper pouches, tea boxes, foil gusset bags, and Corrugated disposable Paper Flask.

What are the contents that need to be put on the packaging?

The contents that can be put on the packaging are written copy, marks that are required, imagery, information required to be put on packaging for legal reasons, etc.


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