Best Ice Cream Packaging Ideas

Out of all the different products available in the market that vary from season to season, ice cream is an all-season favorite, no matter the time of the day, the weather, etc. As a product, ice cream is the most versatile, being the top choice for all age groups and genders, and is available in the market in different shapes and flavors. However, even with the increasing popularity and constant peaking demand for ice creams in countries around the world, similar to other products, adopting the new technology and innovating the current product design to cater to a larger target audience is the key requirement for growth and survival today.

When it comes to food packaging design, multiple aspects need to be taken care of to ensure that not only the quality of the food is top-notch but the branding of the company is delivered to the target audience in a manner that leaves a lasting impact.


With the help of correct ice cream packaging design, you benefit from not only improving brand image and market presence as a company but also encouraging existing customers to come back to repeat purchases. No matter how many ice cream packaging ideas you explore for your brand, it is essential to understand your requirements for ice cream packaging, focusing on factors like the type of ice cream product between ice cream for packaging, ice cream pint packaging, ice cream container packaging, ice cream cone packaging and much more.

Important Elements For Ice Cream Packaging

Let us look at some of the top factors that you should focus on in terms of elements to be included in your ice cream packaging design that can effectively improve your market image, brand growth, and audience interaction significantly.

1. Packaging Pattern Or Colour

The first and the most important element to focus on when you are deciding between the available ice cream packaging ideas or going for custom ice cream packaging for your product is the pattern or color of the food packaging design. No matter the type of food or beverage you advertise, focusing on color is very important.

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However, if your existing ice cream packaging design has the same color throughout, changing half of the packaging to the flavor of the ice cream can make a huge difference and that your brand apart. This differentiating factor between flavors can further encourage customers to make a faster purchase instead of trying to find the name of the flavor before buying.

2. Text On Packaging

Another element that is at times ignored when deciding on the type of ice cream packaging you wish to provide your customers is the element available. Two things are important here including the legibility of the text on the packaging along with the amount of text on the ice cream packaging design. It is crucial for instance, if you are picking ice cream cone packaging design, you cannot have too much text as no customer, when selecting items like ice cream, pays attention to the text available on the packaging. Instead, using patterns and colors speaks volumes about the brand. Put more focus there and minimize text as much as possible for better results.

3. Visibility Factor

As there are multiple brands in the world today offering a wide range of ice cream flavors like natural fruit flavors, vegetable ice creams, unique concoctions of different flavors, etc., the only differentiating factor that will make a break the brand image in the market is the ice cream packaging design. Ice cream as a product is almost an on the go purchase so, spending more time in attention towards improving the overall visibility factor of the ice cream packaging design including shape, size, convenience to carry, etc., to make it more attractive to the customers thus converting into more sales.

Tips To Choose Ice Cream Packaging Design

India today is one of the largest producers of ice cream in the world, with most of the ice cream produced within the country consumed domestically. Today, the availability of ice cream cakes, vegan ice creams, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream rolls, etc., is an additional factor driving the demand for ice creams even further. However, the need of the hour is to combine simple yet unique ice cream packaging ideas to come up with a creative outlook for your product for better brand positioning.

  • Two important factors to keep in mind while deciding the most suitable ice cream packaging design for your product are first the target audience and second the personality of the target audience. Combining these two is the first important tip to get the most appropriate ice cream packaging for your audience.For instance, the Naturals ice cream brand is popularly known for its fresh fruit ice creams made without any preservatives, making it a perfect fit for all age groups. So, for the ice cream packaging design as per the product type, Naturals as a brand put the health benefits of the particular ice cream flavor on the cover itself to keep the audience informed and happy.
  • Secondly, the material used for packaging is very important as it not only indicates the quality of the product being sold but also highlights the brand value. For instance, Baskin Robbins is known to be extremely costly as it promises to offer premium quality ice cream flavors. The material they used for their ice cream container packaging is a paper bag that has big logos of the brand on both sides and bright pink color, highlighting their eco-friendly approach towards saving the environment while serving the best quality ice creams.

Therefore, always keep your packaging material and target audience in mind to come up with the best and most effective packaging design for your product type which will help you position your brand better in the market and cater to a larger group of the target audience. So, to level up your packaging game contact VOWELS.