8 New Year’s Business Resolution To Make In 2021


Throw the confetti in the air and pop open the bottle of champagne – you have finally made it to the end of 2020. The past year was difficult and trying on several personal and professional levels but 2021 is here with fresh opportunities and endless possibilities.

With lockdowns, quarantine, and social distancing, 2020 was especially tough for small businesses. Independent mortar and brick stores instilled paranoia and were preferred over online stores with contactless delivery. Though few businesses moved online, many bear the brunt and pivot towards unfair financial distresses. While running a business during a pandemic through economical, psychological and societal pressure has been hard and undeserved, you’ve managed to endure, survive, and reach this far – more stronger and resilient.


In this new year as you prepare and look forward to a “new normal”, pat yourself on the back. And let bygones be bygones. Obviously, your business goals, challenges, and opportunities have been altered accordingly but how are you planning to resolve them in the new year?

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Let us give you a hand, here are 10 resolutions to build a stronger, relevant, and prosperous business in 2021:

Build A Website

Fact that you are running a business in the 21st century means that you are no stranger to the Internet. In today’s age, no matter how small the business is, an online presence is a must. It gives a level of authenticity to your business and helps you connect with your target audience virtually. We understand that a digital presence might not be on the top of your to-do list of business objectives or you might simply feel unequipped to venture into website development. That’s where we come in.

At Vowels, our team of experts meticulously plan, determine your digital goals, sync them with your business objectives, and design your website accordingly.

Trust us, in the times when ordering online is a necessity rather than a vanity, building a website in 2021 is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Invest In Branding

As a budding entrepreneur or a business owner, you need to stay on top of the industry trends. No, we are not talking about social media but your brand image in general. Is your target audience the same when you started the business? Do they still relate to you? Does your branding evoke a sense of familiarity or is it easily replaceable?

To remain relevant, fresh, and engaging in today’s time, branding is the way to go. We do not promote mindlessly following trends but incorporating modern design principles and classic elements into your branding can add that extra oomph to your brand – a little nudge towards success that we all need.

Be Social On Social Media

In 2020, the world as a collective discovered that meeting in person is overrated. Alright! not right now but new relations can be formed, and connections can grow if you master the art of social media in business.

Today, social media is an invaluable tool to create brand awareness, interact with customers, improve the brand image, and engage with the target segment. Plus, plugging into social platforms allows you new ways to create a coherent brand identity and promote your website.

Unsure which channel (s) to use? Do not fret and jump into all of them! Prioritize your audience and the network your customers are already using. For most businesses, Facebook and/or Instagram are a staple. Get comfortable, build your following one of these platforms, and when/if you feel comfortable, branch out.

Market Your Content

Similar to design trends, marketing space is ever-evolving, at present, content is the king. The way you build traffic, curate, and promote your content is likely to transform the digital landscape and help your business gain attention eventually.

With the advancing technology and limited timespan, marketers are continually discovering innovative ways to discover and connect with their customers, giving businesses such as yourself opportunities to learn and engage with yours.

Start A Blog

Trust us, blogging is not a relic from the 2010s. Creating your content, sharing your experiences, and voicing your opinion is still a valuable asset and a powerful way to assert your dominance as a leader. Apart from that, writing and promoting blogs doesn’t only excite your target audience but also prime your site to rank highly on search engines.

So, if your goal for 2021 is to increase conversions and promote sales, start writing or get somebody to do it for you because 75% of people who search for your keywords never scroll past the first page of search engine results. Hence, implementing successful SEO strategies will help your business gain visibility and navigate the competitive roads of e-commerce.

Fine Tune Your Customer Service

Like most things in this digital age, great customer service doesn’t take place behind a counter anymore – in 2020, it became official. Although the stakes are high and one bad comment can break your business, still online customer service has more pros than cons. It promotes transparent interactions, there is always room for improvements and most importantly, virtual word-of-mouth is the best publicity you could ask for.

Creating a kind and courteous customer service experience is much easier – professionalism, open communication, and active listening will take your brand reputation a long way. This 2021, put your best virtual feet forward and give the gold-star customer service that your customer deserves.

Focus On The Brand

The word ‘brand’ is tossed carelessly with the influx of social media. Why is brand so important? How do you create one? A strong brand allows you to gain authority, become an industry leader, and build customer loyalty. Creating a brand on the other hand is a laborious task determined by your decisions. So, either take the reins in your hands or connect with a branding agency that shares your vision.

Building a brand is more than a logo, website, or social media, it is a complex blend of operations, management, marketing, and communication strategies. To create a strong brand for tomorrow, take better decisions today.

Give Back To The Community

Technology is the latest and greatest of humankind to society, but no matter how interesting virtual reality becomes, it can never beat reality, genuine connections, and meaningful interactions.

In this new year, go beyond the profit and loss, contribute something of value to your community. Whether it is taking on a cause, a challenge to change, or support a local business, get involved and know that we are all in this together.


Whether your goal for 2021 is to boost growth, forge new connections or rebrand to still be relevant, we are here to help and support you. Being a professional branding agency, we  specialize in design and branding. If you wish to rebrand your own business whether it is a logo redesign, a website redesign, refreshed messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time you get in touch with professional branding agencies like Vowels to make your vision come true. We specialize in brand consultancy, strategy, brand guidelines, CI manual, brand presentation, and corporate branding.

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