Defining a unique brand identity
for a leading real estate consultation firm in Dubai


Curating a defining brand identity for a leading real estate consultant firm in Dubai.

Logo Identity, Brand Strategy, Social Strategy, Visual Design/ Packaging/Visual Identity, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Print Advertising

The Impact

Devmark, as a brand came from a place of strong legacy and expertise. The founders Richard Aybar & Sean McCauley have a combined experience of over 4 decades. Therefore we had to position Devmark as a go to brand for real estate expertise. We focused on ensuring that each of the brand elements echo confidence, panache, flamboyance and the iconic 'Devmark Difference'. Result being enhanced reach across real estate stakeholders through social media and improved engagement with leading developers in Dubai.

Carving a brand identity to curate a culture through design

Website Design

Devmark 08
Devmark 05

Capturing the essence of the whole

Devmark originates from the nuances of expertise and experience. Hence across every element, we focused on establishing the brand's competence as the linchpin of all communication. The website, social media and every other aspect of Devmark mirrors exuberance and larger than life association thereby creating a very defining niche for the brand.

Devmark 07
Devmark 06 (2)
Devmark 06