Best Logo Style Highlights of 2022 and New Approach of 2023

A logo plays a significant role in defining and completing the brand image. They aid in building associations between brands and consumers. While logos are generally mostly kept the same, it has become crucial for companies to adapt to changing trends.

As we live in a time ruled by updated trends, it encourages most of us to tap into our creative selves. Creative designers and artists from our logo design Agency have devotedly produced aesthetically engaging content in 2022. Now, as per our experience, we have selected the hottest trends and logo aesthetic highlights of the year 2022 and what is the new logo approach we can follow in 2023.


1. Best Logo Styles of 2022


This fantastic “I-Catching” logo style we saw a lot of in 2022 is an example of how things stand out and attract your attention.


For Example:


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Designing A Logo for Candour: Rebranding for a Dubai-based real estate brokerage business Logo with an I-catching look. We created a logo that effectively conveys simplicity with the right font and geometric shapes. By adopting one-letter logos and thin-line typefaces, the firm is moving toward establishing simple brand representations.


Tighten and BOLTS

You are lucky if your Logo can express what your business stands for while also helping to create a feeling of association and brand identification. Since the beginning of time, icon logos have dominated design trends. One such Logo that has served as a service translation for numerous firms in 2022 is the bolt.


Simple and Normal

“Simplicity is the key” is a statement we have all heard in briefs, and it may be the one in which we agree with our clients. The easiest method to explain a design, regardless of what you are making, is to keep it simple and beautiful!


Metallic Finish

Most of us always took a chance to bring in some light element in our logos. For a long time, metallic finish logos have been filling in the blank in your designs. Many businesses decided to use metallic finish designs to add shine.


All the Dimensions: 3D view

Although 3D logos have long since become a cliche, everyone can agree that to improve brand visual communication. This specific design approach has consistently been accommodating, whether for isometric designs or just a 3D view.


We developed brand identities that made interacting entertaining. The entertaining trend of animation will always produce a fantastic interactive experience for your customer. This fast-paced world makes waiting seem impossible, yet animated logos are here to pass the time while you wait to access the program you’re attempting to use.

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2. The New Logo Style Approach of 2023

Although logos remain the same for the most extended amount of time, it is always a good idea to make a few little adjustments and provide room for altering with the updated trends.

Using trends helps you develop related content, attract large audiences, and identify a brand.

Using Letter Marks Instead Of Icons

One of the most remarkable trends that will likely rule in 2023 is this one. Many companies favor keeping their brand logos simple and adaptable. These simple letter icons are frequently chosen by businesses in the IT, marketing, communication, health, and fitness industries to represent their brands.

The Glitch Effect

You must actively monitor this trend to develop distinctive brand icons in the future. It has previously appeared in the TikTok logo. The app’s symbol has drawn much attention due to its distinctive effect and color scheme as it has grown in popularity worldwide. The flaw makes the design more appealing and gives the emblem a futuristic appearance. You could observe companies or brands producing a comparable impact to attract younger customers in 2023. It can function well for a website or e-commerce app.

A Twist on Typography

Another trend that is anticipated to continue being popular throughout the coming year is twisted typography. Shapes like objects, lines, or waves are frequently used in wordmarks logos for various businesses. This originality also gives the Logo a contemporary, classic look.

Soft Colors


In the upcoming year, muted and natural color schemes will become increasingly prevalent. The logos of cosmetics and organic food companies may use subdued hues. It is mainly because specific colors or shades may accurately depict the specialty and have a relaxing impact. Designers anticipate that in 2023 enterprises involved in wellness, healthcare, retail, and travel will also utilize these colors.


Vintage Images

You should also take Retro designs or graphics into consideration. Many businesses like decorative logos to make an impression on consumers and evoke sentiments of familiarity or comfort. Brands in the construction, agricultural, manufacturing, food, and restaurant industries benefit significantly from using retro and vintage images.

Client Example:


Brand Logo: The imagery Logo helped draw customers’ attention to the brand’s product on any platform. The design could be instantly remembered and recalled in the packaging. It’s also simpler to convey the brand narrative and foster a favorable impression in the audience’s thoughts.


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3. Work with Vowels

If this article has made you reevaluate your brand identity and want to incorporate some current trends into your brand, you’ve come to the correct place. At Vowels, we help companies produce eye-catching logos, redesign their approach or alter their style with our professional knowledge. For more queries or questions, feel free to contact our experts.

4. FAQs

Q. What is the future Of Logo Design?

Ans. In logos, AI design formation will be used to check the authentic quality. It would save cost and would be easier and faster to use. Without them, brands would not be able to create their own identities or rebrand.

Q. Who creates business logos?

Ans. A graphic designer or an artist creates logos.

Q. What is the upcoming major trend in graphic design?

Ans. Illustrations of inclusive characters, more diverse traits, ethnicities, genders, faiths, civilizations, and other preferences are to be anticipated in the future. These elements will create appreciation and inclusivity.

Q. What will be the role of design in the upcoming times?

Ans. Accessibility, purchase, and the ratio of creating high-quality and authentic logos will start to rise, as predicted by the trend of AI design for logos. Without owning knowledge and skills, the brands could create their own identities and even brand themselves.