2020 Logo Design Trends


Logos are a significant part of a brand’s identity which defines and often completes the brand image. They help brands establish a sense of association with the consumer and deliver a sense of remembrance for the brand.

Logos are not something which are required to be altered every now and then, they usually last longer, but as we continue to live in an era governed by trends, it is important that brands accommodate these trends and emerge adaptive.

While 2020 was a year filled with challenging times, it also led most of us to lean to our creative sides. Designers and creatives have dedicatedly created aesthetically pleasing content, from which we have curated the trendiest of trends, and logo style highlights of the year 2020!

1. LINES, to live by


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Elegance will never possibly go out of fashion, rather it will keep complimenting design trends with every passing year.

There is nothing which communicates simplicity better than thin line typefaces and minimal geometry. A lot of brands are leaning towards creating simplistic brand images by using thin line fonts, and one letter logos.

2. I – catching



Things that stand out usually catch your eye, just like this cool “I-Catching” logo trend that we have seen in 2020 quite a lot.

Dots compliment and make a design look complete like nothing else, strategic placement and usage of a contrasting colour palette can make your logo stand out and help you develop a consistent brand image.

3. Tighten them BOLTS!



Logos are meant to develop a brand identity and a sense of association for your brand, but if you get lucky your logo can directly communicate what your brand stands for.

Icon logos have dominated the design trends since forever. Bolts are one such icon which have acted as service translator for many brands in 2020. Since things have been moving pretty slow in a pandemic, The bolt icon symbolizing speed has been on top for a lot of brands in 2020.

4. SIMPLE , the oldest normal



We have all come across a client brief mentioning, Simplicity is the key, and this might be the only statement where we share the same sentiments as our clients.

No matter what you are creating, the best way to communicate a design is to keep it simple which automatically makes it a gorgeous one!

Since this year has been full of complications, simplistic brand identities stood out!

5. CLUTTER, looking good this time!



While 2020 gave us all the time to DE-CLUTTER, some trends made clutter look good. Graphic designers have created trendy content throughout the year, which blessed our feeds with numerous memes. This particular trend made it to the “meme market”.

Although, clutters do not always deliver satisfactory visuals, but if designed strategically they can come out to be trendsetters.

6. Metallic finish – A little shine did no harm to anyone!



2020 has been one of the darkest years for most of us, and we did not leave a single opportunity to bring in some light. Metallic finish logos have been adding that one missing element to your designs for a long time. A lot of brands decided to bring in the shine by resorting to metallic finish designs.

7. REPEAT, after me, Will you?



Well, Repetition might not sound like the best idea, but it’s one of the most popular ways to give shape to designs that stand out. It delivers a sense of symmetry in the design, which makes it all the more visually attractive to the audience.


Be it repetition of simple geometry or colours, it has helped brands develop an unique yet simple visual identity for themselves.

Disclaimer : We are not in any way implying that repetition of 2020 would be a good idea.

8. All the Dimensions, but you chose 3D!



While we spent most of our 2020 socially distancing from 3D’s, Graphic designers decided to create some 3D’s for us. 3D logos have been a cliché for a while now, but one can agree that they make visual communication for brands, better. Be it isometric designs or just a 3d view, this particular style has proved to be accommodative almost all the time.

9. Interaction simplified, Animation!!!



When human interaction looks scary, well because it’s 2020! We created brand identities which made interaction fun. Animation is a fun trend, which will never fail to create a great interactive experience for your consumer. It proves to be extremely engaging, and in this fast paced world where waiting seems impossible, Animated logos are here to fill the those waiting moments, between you and the app you are trying to open.

10. Cartoon, catering to all ages



In 2020 as we explored literally everything to keep ourselves sane, the Cartoon logo trend emerged to feed our childlike visual needs. Various different styles of incorporating cartoons in designs have stayed in the game this year, like hand drawn doodles, outlines, Flat cartoons etc.,

This particular style proves to be interactive and is extremely successful in creating a sense of remembrance for the consumers.

A little RECAP!

While logos are something which do not necessarily strive with trends, but it’s always a good idea to tweak it a little and create space for accommodating trends.

Trends are a great way to create relatable content and gather effective audiences. We are aware that logos constitute a big part of a brand’s identity.

2020 did give us a lot of time to reflect and create better things for ourselves, why not do the same for your brands and businesses. Re-creating might not sound like the best choice, but rebranding is always an option. Shaping a new brand language and accommodating trendy visuals and colours can help you broaden your consumer base and curate an authentic visual experience for your customers.

We owe gratitude to creatives and designers for making this year a little better by creating visually appealing content for all of us.

If you think this article made you rethink a little in terms of your brand identity, and you would want to accommodate some trendy looks for your brand, you have just landed on the right page. From logo design to creating trendy packaging design, we have got it all for you.

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