Transforming Real Estate project
into an experience to relish


Branding a yet to be launched real estate project by a leading developer in Dubai with a target to ensure increased off plan sales.

Logo Identity, Brand Strategy, Social Strategy, Visual Design/ Packaging/Visual Identity, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Print Advertising

The Impact

The project was still in the planning phase when we were on board. We worked towards creating a strong brand identity of the project beginning with the name 'Parkland'. Every time, we work on a project like this, we begin with identifying and clearly establishing the brand's tonality. In order to do so, we identify the brand's target audience and then create a strong brand identity that aptly resonates with this audience.

What we accomplished by doing this was enhanced awareness of the project among buyers, 37% increase in leads generated per month and 41.7% properties sold in the first phase of the project.

Logo Design



Premium experience

The logo has been designed keeping in mind the premium experience of the project. The colors as well as the fonts chosen depict luxury and opulence.

Proximity to nature

As the name depicts, 'Parkland' is a project at the heart of a golf course. Therefore the colors used are meant to depict the Parkland's proximity to nature. Just the first look at the logo reflects on the greenery surrounding the project.

Vibrant lifestyle

All the excellent amenities at Parkland offer a 360 degree experience to its users. The logo must therefore depict the lifestyle that the project encompasses. Hence, the textures of the logo have been specifically used to denote this spirited lifestyle.


Capturing the essence of the whole project into a design mood board

Across every branding element of Parkland, we tried to depict the lifestyle that the project offers. With increasing competition in the real estate market and buyers becoming more aware as well as inquisitive, it is imperative to create a brand that delivers real & significant value. The design mood board helps end users resonate with the brand and creates a unique consistency across all brand communications.

Parkland -
Brand Guidelines



Brand aesthetics for Parkland from the word go depict a distinct blend of luxury and proximity to nature. It was established that every nuance of the brand would aesthetically resonate with the opulent lifestyle that the project offers. Hence the use of colors, designs, patterns & textures across all brand elements clearly showcase a premium experience.



A brand communicates with its audience via multiple elements and it is imperative that this communication is impactful enough to make a purchase. Therefore, across the entire branding process, we ensured that the communication would highlight the opulent lifestyle that the project offers. The idea is to allow people to easily imagine themselves living there and then ensuring it to be a truly fulfilling experience.



Every brand has a unique personality. If your target audience can relate with this personality, then it is likely that this audience will prefer your brand over competitors. Owing to the premium audience that Parkland project targets, we ensured across all brand elements and all branding platforms that Parkland is presented as confident, intelligent and a sophisticated brand. Upon associating such human attributes to the brand, does it become easier to ensure that the right audience relates with the brand and trusts the same.