Redefining hospitality
through a unique experience


Positioning hospitality through a distinct luxury experience amidst the dunes.

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The Impact

From the word go, the idea behind Kanak Jaisalmer was highly unique and one of a kind. As we began the branding process, the aim was to position this hospitality brand as a truly luxury experience. We had to tell the brand's story in a manner that instills trust and allows people to connect with the local heritage of Rajasthan. With focus on customer experience, our collaboration with Kanak led to a 37% increase in occupancy rate during off season and over 18% during peak season.

Carving the distance between heritage and luxury through a unique design

Logo Design

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Rich Heritage

The colors of the logo as well as the design depict a strong connection with the rich culture of Rajasthan. The traditionally rich epicenter allows customers to experience a unique realm of inspired traditions.

Luxury Experience

The unique Kanak experience resonates with a distinct sense of luxury and opulence. The textures, font and colors of the logo perfectly capture this attribute and position this experience as a splendid affair.

Unique hospitality

The roots of the Rajasthani culture encompass the spirit of true hospitality and the logo encapsulates just that. This simple yet powerful logo thoughtfully weaves the nuances of Kanak experience.


Capturing the essence of the whole project into a design moodboard

By encapsulating the moods of the desert and adding hints of luxury, we have been able to position Kanak has a truly exceptional experience. The subtle color palette, rich typography & powerful photography strikingly crafts an exceptional brand personality.

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For Kanak, Jaisalmer



The aesthetics that our team decided for Kanak have enabled us to create a strong narrative of the rich heritage of Rajasthan. The idea is to allow people to take a break from the bustle of their everyday lives and relish the serenity of the Thar.



Across numerous platforms, Kanak communicates the message of an extraordinary experience. The brand's tonality finds just the right mix of serenity in the lap of the desert and luxury seeped through exemplary hospitality.



With hues of the serene desert vibe, Kanak Jaisalmer contemplates a calm and relaxed personality. Coming from a place of heritage and hospitality, the experience also promises luxury and affluence. The unique attributes of Kanak's personality urges people to find solace amidst this tranquil vibe.

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