Launching and effectively positioning a
QSR brand in a largely competitive scenario


Curating a unique brand identity to a new QSR brand in order to create a distinguished niche audience amidst competition.

Logo Identity, Brand Strategy, Social Strategy, Visual Design/ Packaging/Visual Identity, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Print Advertising

The Impact

As the QSR market was already dominated by five leading players, it was important that Burger Farm positioned itself differently. Hence we worked towards creating a unique brand identity inspired by the local tastes of India. Most other brands were franchised from outside the country and hence what the business truly lacked was a Originally Indian and Deliciously Desi taste.
This positioning not only soared us through a successful launch but within a short span of a year, Burger Farm spread across 8 outlets in three cities.

Carving a brand identity to curate a culture through design

Logo Design

burgerfarm 4


Delectable taste

The tempting appeal of the Burger Farm logo makes people crave for their delicious burgers in a single glance.

Local flavors

The chosen design elements reflect upon the locally inspired flavors that are encompassed in Burger Farm products.

Exciting experience

The striking color palette immediately inspires hunger and evokes an emotion of happiness and excitement.

burgerfarm 5

Capturing the essence of the whole project into a design moodboard

Burger Farm branding walks that thin line between global quality and local flavors. From the brand's tagline to its color palette and numerous marketing campaigns, Burger Farm has carved its niche and effectively positioned itself as a go-to QSR brand.

burgerfarm 6
burgerfarm 2
burgerfarm 1



Burger Farm's full of life and dynamic aesthetics have been attributed to increased sales and likable positioning of the brand amidst its target audience. These aesthetics not only create an affinity towards the brand but also enhance temptation making the brand more appetizing.



Every communication by the brand screams quality of food as being handpicked from the farms as well as a truly delectable taste achieved with the local culinary expertise. This communication makes the brand more relatable and hence more desirable to customers.



Burger Farm as a brand has an irresistible and tempting personality. Every marketing campaign is aimed at creating a delectable appetite towards the brand's products. Inspired by the desi flavors, Burger Farm portrays a fun & dynamic persona which successfully stands out amidst competition.