Why Marketers Should Focus on Sharing Brand Story in 2023

In marketing, 2023 was a year of making new brand stories. Many new and innovative digital marketing initiatives offered numerous avenues for your marketing efforts. The main focus was to develop an effective business strategy. To begin, let’s discuss all the top components adopted in 2023.

  1. Video Marketing
  2. Content is vital to grow
  3. The importance of data
  4. Content on social media
  5. Online events
  6. Influencer marketing
  7. Personalization

1. Marketing Factors important for an effective Brand Story in 2023 Video Marketing

Video marketing is usually considered the marketing activity of the future. In response to the power of video, 26% of clients planned to expand their in-house online video skill sets. According to Google, YouTube was a popular source among 18-49-year-olds in 2023. Photos and videos attracted more engagement than posts solely based on texts.

Incorporating video into its strategy cannot be an afterthought for any organization. It offered a greater channel to connect with a larger audience and gain trust. It humanizes the brand and gives customers a better understanding of the brand story.

Content Is Vital To Grow

In 2023 the demand for original and good content has grown dramatically in the previous twelve months. Content marketing is the foundation of a successful strategy since it links businesses directly with clients. Brands with meaningful content have increased their loyalty among the audience. A steady stream of high-quality, well-researched, and relevant material demonstrated good experience and credibility to potential consumers. Effective narrative aided in creating a story people want to interact with, regardless of the channels or media they employed.

The Importance of Data

Companies are now more focused on developing their data-driven analytics approach to provide more individualized content. Meaningful data is the company’s most precious and potent resource for informing an efficient marketing plan.

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Utilizing the power of their data brands made it possible to create a more accurate portrait of their clients and their behavior in 2023. It enabled them to personalize their digital marketing campaigns and create a better brand story.

Content on social media

A forceful sale on social media is no longer acceptable. To build a story and boost engagement on the most widely used social media channels in 2023, marketers used a new approach of a story-driven strategy. High-quality photographs and videos were the components of their campaign, particularly on LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. They optimized every aspect of their social media strategy to stand out in the market.

The calendars had been well-designed and well-thought-out, just like the other components of a digital marketing plan.


Virtual Events

As per Bizzabo analysis, virtual event attendance reached 34% in 2023, while live-streaming attendance will increase by more than 250%; people now value and enjoy attending events that might otherwise be inaccessible in person. Virtual events are also cost-effective for businesses to expand their story reach and brand exposure. Hence, Virtual events became a source of campaign launch for small businesses in 2023.

Influencer Marketing

Some businesses’ marketing methods largely rely on influencer marketing. It represented a brand-new endeavor and became a popular marketing strategy in 2023. The goals of your company will mostly determine your strategy for influencer marketing. According to our report, 38% of the respondents connected with online influencers more frequently.


A dedication to and movement towards personalization is what underpins all developments in digital marketing. Conveying your message to a large audience didn’t work in 2023. Hence, personalizing the marketing efforts increased engagement, generated debate, and drew in new clients. For Example, the popular #SpotifyWrapped feature creates a buzz each year and is a terrific example of personalization.

Making the most of your data and research while acknowledging the importance of design can help you personalize your marketing strategies. Vowel creative management can aid in real-time adjustments for your constantly branded advertisements and campaigns.


2. Targeted Marketing is all you need to have

Building a personal connection with a trusted group of clients is critical for developing a loyal clientele. The ability to reach specific audiences is a blessing for companies when digital media consumption is at an all-time high. For example, advertising to 300 people who have expressed an interest in products/services similar to yours is far superior to advertising to 1000 random people who may or may not be interested in your offering.

3. Taking Full-Funnel Approach in Marketing Campaigns

The full-funnel method is another marketing strategy adopted in 2023. In essence, a marketing strategy practically individually tailored to each consumer is developed by exploiting their motions and interests. This strategy is the formula for sustained and ongoing interaction between the brand and the customer.

Your brand narrative is told across established and upcoming marketing platforms with intelligence and creativity. Sharing your unique brand narrative positions, you act as the innovator rather than the imitator. Nowadays, most purchases are preceded by a personal connection to the brand’s story.

4. Work With Vowels

2022 is about to end, and if you are still planning to establish a new business or rename an existing brand story, then It’s time to contact reputable branding companies like Vowels to realize your vision. Whether it be a logo change, website redesign, updated message, or a total brand makeover, we can do it all.

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Kanak Jaisalmer

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We Designed a rich experience for a friendliness journey amidst the dunes through brand positioning and design systems.

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Super Bowls

Brand Story and Identity

We successfully developed a strong brand narrative that customers could support and feel good about utilizing.

5. FAQs

Q. What constitutes a brand story?

Ans. A brand narrative often comprises information about the brand’s beginnings, goals or purposes, and core values.

Q. How to narrate my brand story?

Ans. Here are eight ways to narrate your meaningful brand story

  1. Know Yourself First. Finding one’s identity is the first step for companies.
  2. Find Your Audience. 
  3. Have a Clear Vision. 
  4. Concentrate on Your Knowledge.
  5. Discover Your Narrative.
  6. Keep Things Simple.
  7. Be a human.
  8. Evangelize only with it.

Define the three P’s of establishing a brand story.

The three Ps of crafting a brand narrative are Purpose, Promise, and Personality.

Whether launching a new brand or trying to figure out who you are as a company, the 3 P’s are all you need to know.