Who should you hire – Creative vs Digital Agency?

People often tell us that they’re trying to find someone to advertise their brand but are unable to find the right match. We politely ask them to jump off the ship that is currently navigating most brands into the ocean of irrelevance.

Due to the convergence of services like design and marketing that is now provided by the same set of companies, brands are starting to resemble each other and their real stories are starting to fade into the background.

In this culture of fast advertising and digital content creation, how is someone going to decide who they should hire and which team is worth the bet?


Know Your Agency

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The first impression of an agency that has come to your doorstep should tell you one of two things:

1- They are a creative agency

Creative agencies are experts of branding through a way of great design. They give direction to your brand and curate its own unique personality. These agencies are champions at creating great content that manifests in the form of your brand’s positioning. Account managers and strategists within the creative agency identify your direct target audience, conduct comprehensive research across industries and brainstorm an appropriate and impactful content strategy for your brand.

Specifically, creative agencies are known for a cohesive branding feel which includes a brand narrative, logos, key colours, tonality and a 360 degree communication approach for the brand using key content principles and strategies that might be beyond the capability of a digital or media agency.

2- They are a digital agency

A digital agency is a company that provides strategic direction, design implementation, and technical development for screen-based products and services, as per Upanup.

It is the understanding of the landscape and medium of the market that allows companies to grow their client base in the digital space. This is done by using tactics and resources like strategic ads across numerous digital platforms. So as opposed to creative agencies, the digital ones may not be able to create breathtaking content but they can surely ensure this content reaches the right people at the right time via the right platform.

Know Your Brand

What is it that your brand stands for? What are the things that you absolutely need from an agency?

It is imperative to understand what you want to be known for and that will define the kind of agency you need.

If you need to start from scratch and define your brand in a sustainable manner, let a creative agency give wings to your brand by curating a rock solid communication strategy in a definitive direction. This will not only pave the way for your brand’s positioning but will also assist in its organic growth.

However if you are ready with spectacular content and irrefutable objective and are now looking to expand by increasing client base, then it would make sense for you to choose a digital agency since that would help you to reach out to new potential customers.

A fine example for this would be The Expo 2020 currently taking place in India, they are calling it the ‘World’s Greatest Show’ but if one looks closely the marketing strategy has a strong narrative component. The theme of sustainability and global optimism gives it a much needed gravitas. This creative angle gives the event a splendor as well as the personal approach where participants can feel that they can connect and build a future together. The solidity of this impactful communication comes from the genius of creative agency Memac Ogilvy.

On the other hand, it is expected that this majestic event will infuse AED 122.6 billion in the UAE economy and for that it must be able to attract the right people. This task is taken care of by Publicis Media’s Starcom which is the official digital marketing agency for Expo 2020.

So, which is better?

Growing your brand in today’s world, is primarily understanding the difference between a paid and organic supporter base. While a digital agency can help you magnify your customer base in a relatively short duration, a creative agency can help you reach out to an organic, relevant and loyal customer base. A digital agency may not be the best fit to create content that aptly defines your brand’s personality and similarly a creative agency may not be able to successfully or efficiently put your expansion resources to use. In either case, the first thing to figure out is – ‘What do you want to say to the world?’ Once you’ve answered that question in its very basic, the decisions will flow from that answer.

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