Best Ways to Improve Your Brand Personality

It is a natural tendency of a human being to correlate with the different traits, non-human elements, and human traits. Many popular brands use this tactic to improve their brand image. They create an illusion of their brand in the minds of their customers. When customers begin doing this, it gives rise to a personality. Many brands depict brand personalities similar to human personalities.

1. What is brand personality?

Brand personality means relating different human characteristics and human traits to a brand. Various human characteristics are assigned to a particular brand. Brand personality comes into the picture when emotions like being kind, trustworthy, caring, great quality, dishonesty, etc., are related to a brand.

We can understand brand personality more clearly when we imagine that a brand is a specific person. How would that person react? How would that person talk? You can understand it more precisely by considering Starbucks as a person. We may imagine that it wouldn’t be disciplined to accomplish the tasks on time? Wouldn’t it be punctual about every aspect?


2. Importance of brand personality

Branding consists of tagline, logo, and name. But, it isn’t limited to this. It assigns different characteristics to a brand. Later, it becomes the identity of a brand. Various factors state why brand personality is significant.

  • It develops brand image: Brand image and brand personality are two connected tools. You can develop a desired brand image in the market. Brand personality is how the brand behaves in the market, and brand identity is known to focus on the strategy. This, in turn, results in developing a good brand image.
  • Usage of products: Customers are known to use similar kinds of products provided by multiple brands. In this way, brand personality teaches the customers about using the products of different brands.
  • It eases the way of communication: Having a good brand makes it easy to communicate with the customers. As the customers develop an emotional connection with the brand, they can relate to the traits that the brand possesses.
  • It connects you emotionally: With the help of brand personality, customers develop an emotional connection. These customers develop a good relationship with the brand more than just searching for different offers from the brand. The emotional connection with the brand helps them to understand the demands of the customer; through this, their market value increases.
    If you create a good brand personality in the eyes of their customers, then their market value will increase.
    Because of different ways like loyalty marketing and word of mouth marketing, customers themselves spread good things about your brand.

3. How to build a brand personality?

The brand personality is how the brand behaves. The first thing that comes into our customer’s minds is the brand personality of a particular brand. It comprises elements that make the brand you need and create a different identity. It can even be the tone of voice; for developing a brand personality, the brand way to understand the customers and create a trust factor.

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  • Try to attract the target audience by giving them a sense of comfort, respect, and familiarity along with a good product.
  • Try to appreciate your products and future audience. Focus more on providing good quality to the customers.

4. What are the dimensions of the brand personality?


Sincerity is the dimension of the brand personality. It consists of brands that are known to be honest, trustful, cheerful, and grounded. People choose these brands because of all the ethical practices and their commitment to quality and trust.

Their concern for the customers is also noticed. These brands have good customer relationships and support their employees. They try to avoid ambiguities.

Sincere brand not at all involved in any kind of controversial situations are scandals there is always a part of the large societal group.


The dimension of the brand personality includes the brands which remain up-to-date, Inspired, imaginative, and spirited. They used colorful logos and different kinds of fonts while advertising. They portray themselves in exciting places and circumstances.

You may find them in imaginary circumstances or large-scale music events. They always think outside of the box ideas and excite the customers through their products. Red Bull is an example of an exciting brand personality.


Competent brands are always considered to be efficient, intelligent, and responsible. The consumers who purchase the products through this kind of brand are concerned about the service it performs.

They focus more upon the product and its quality, and they pay more attention to the behavior of the organization in the market. These kinds of brands use thick fonts. They use colors that convey trust, for example, blue and white. This always creates a sense of trust in the heart of their customers.

An example of competent personality branding is Apple. The owner of the Apple company Steve Jobs was considered to be passionate and temperamental. He used to always think about how to make his product best for his customers.


The personality branding of sophisticated brands is charming, glamorous, upper class, and romantic. Sophisticated brands are commonly found in luxury industries and high-priced brands.

The products which these sophisticated brands offer are fashion and accessories, cars, food, and dining. They use tender and thin fonts with light colors with charming ambiance.


The brand which uses this dimension of personality branding is known as muscular, western, and tough. These brands are usually male-oriented and more commonly adopt the colors such as navy blue, green, grey black and try to portray their products in oceans. Rivers fall in the extremes in areas such as heavy rain or snow. They have adopted strong and thick fonts.

They convey the idea that their product is durable and is made for the people who are willing to take risks and don’t want to lead an ordinary life.

5. Conclusion

Personality branding holds to be an important aspect when it comes to customer reviews and a picture of the brand in the customer’s mind. Targeting a specific audience, you can design your brand personality in which VOWELS can lend you a helping hand. You can study various brand dimensions to save brand personality. If you are confused about what brand personality is and how it works, then you can refer to this blog. Make sure you go through it to understand more about personality branding.