Elevating customer experience
by reimagining a stationary brand.


Launching a premium stationary brand and elevating a customer experience through unique brand design

Logo Identity, Brand Strategy, Social Strategy, Visual Design/ Packaging/Visual Identity, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Print Advertising

The Impact

The idea behind Innovate was to launch a premium brand of stationary products. The biggest challenge in the process included the major market share captured by two leading players. Therefore it was essential to create a buzz around the product. The entire branding process was aimed at making the product look different than what the market already has and to position Innovate as a premium brand. What we accomplished was within the first month, we sold over 20,000 products and collaborated with 7 E-commerce platforms. Ever since, the sales has increased by 4%-7% on a month on month basis.

Capturing the essence of the brand through intelligent design

Logo Design

Innovate 01


Love for stationary

The logo design has been strategically outlined to encapsulate elements of stationary like pencil tip and book flaps. The first look at the logo leaves no room for imagination regarding the core product offered by the brand.

Inspired design

From unique design to distinguished typography, various elements of the logo drive inspiration. With unrivaled attention to detail, Innovate logo taps into inventiveness and widens the horizons of imagination.

Vibrant experience

The color palette selected to represent Innovate encompasses vibrant colors to distinguish Innovate with other products in the market and create an exciting buzz around the brand. At the same time, this striking vibe gives the brand a premium appeal.

Innovate 03

Capturing the essence of the whole project into a design moodboard

Stationery across the globe always finds it true patrons. With Innovate we had to find the right blend between Quirk and Class. Across this unique brand design, the striking imagery & vibrant color palette is used to evoke inspiration and drive people to 'innovate'.

Innovate 04



Striking colors, elegant typography and a truly distinguished design; These attributes of Innovate are aimed at positioning the products highly differently from every other product available. These vibrant aesthetics attract a second glance and hence position Innovate product as highly desirable.



Every communication from the brand is largely inspirational. With focus on differentiation, the brand strategically incorporates storytelling and enables customers to feel associated with an inspired product.



Innovate is a vibrant community of stationery patrons. The youth and dynamism of Innovate's personality is depicted through its flamboyant color palette while its elegant typography appeals to its premium experience.

Innovate 05
Innovate 02