From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Avoid These Mistakes to Achieve Compelling Web Experiences

Websites that are correctly designed and have a well-planned layout are more likely to attract an audience than websites with flaws.


Here are the 11 usual design faults brands usually do which weakens a site’s ability to function properly.

11 Mistakes to Dodge in Web Design

1. Using Too Much Text

Prolonged text is boring as it lengthens the page, messes up the appearance, and hides the graphics. Only concise texts that represent a design are preferred. Moreover, excessive data hampers SEO. According to the MOZ, 4 out of 10 non-keyword factors are connected to user experience on the page.

Hence, viewers found the lengthy text a challenge to read, eventually urging them to quit the website, thus, lowering the conversion rate. However, there are no specific guidelines on “How much text or information is sufficient?”. Nevertheless, a text that involves all the necessary information will entertain the viewer well.

2. Using Too Many Images

The website will take time to load if it has excessive images to present. Images having multiple megabytes in size will slow the speed of the site. It is a concerning issue as speed is the key factor for viewers. Thus, they cannot wait for the site to load and see the required content. Even if a site is optimized for conversion, it will fail if no one views the content. Try to compress your images and set the page size correctly to raise traffic and conversion rates rapidly.

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3. Using Too Many Colors

Choosing incorrect color contrast is another mistake in web design that makes it hard for viewers to read. Opposite vibrant colors can cause serious damage to the aesthetics, whereas choosing a color that compliments each other or has a similar tone is preferable. Adobe Color is a great tool for finding the right color combination for beginners.

4. Using a Cluttered Design

A website’s style and format mechanism should be checked for possible errors or decreases in traffic. If the theme designs are unorganized and chaotic, this might annoy or irritate the visitors. Viewers have plenty of sites to choose from, so if a site looks messy or unaesthetic, they might go for other web pages. Look for a functional layout design that is minimal, clean, and easy for the audience to understand.

5. Having a Clear Call to Action

If the site is not directing the audience properly towards an action or fails to convince viewers to buy goods or sign up for a free trial, then there is a problem. The effective and advanced technique for accomplishing this objective is to execute and give a clear Call to Action Button.

6. Not Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

SEO and marketing data analytics are advanced tools for making a site stand out on search engines. If not optimized, your webpage can appear on the lower page of search engines, which results in lower interactions with visitors. Moreover, with analytics, you can evaluate the time spent on the page to improve the website’s functionality by adding advanced design elements.

7. Not Keeping Your Website Up-to-date

Viewers always want to know about business details that will benefit them. If a webpage offers what they seek, the site will gain a lot of views. A web page will only run if it displays updated content or headlines.

8. Not Utilizing Social Media to Promote the Website

Social sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the main stage for many businesses to market their web pages. It showcases the logo, briefly introducing the business, working hours, address, email, contact number, and website URL. To spread more word about your website, start inviting friends, family, employees, and loyal consumers to like and follow the site and sign up for emails or newsletters.

9. Not Tracking Your Website Analytics

The best asset that any website would have today is Google Analytics tracking abilities. Check if Real-Time Reports are functioning. Troubleshoot the Google Analytics Tag with Google Tag Assistant. Have a look at Google Developer Tools for JavaScript issues. Also, a budget can be determined on how much to spend on each ad.

10. Not Having a Budget for Web Design

Deciding what to spend while developing and maintaining a site is important. It will assist the brand in being responsible and spending money carefully. Make a list of all necessary details for correct estimation, so a quality website can be made without going over budget.

11. Not Hiring a Professional Web Designer

Companies can either go for “DIY” the site or reach a “customized” website designing agency. Both options are good, but a web design company is better. The skilled designer knows what will make the webpage look great and user-friendly. A web designing firm does not rely on pre-build templates and builds original customized versions for a better user experience.

Client Example:

Daamudi: Web Designing and Development Services

The Dubai-based Fashion Brand for furniture wanted to establish a unique contemporary look representing its theme. We gave them a 2D-dimension web design that is clear, concise, and minimal. The flat UI design with striping lines and a square shape looks like an architectural drawing done on paper. Strategy-wise, it encompasses their image well. Whereas design and development-wise, the representation looks visually appealing and easy to handle.

Work with Vowels

If you are a busy business owner with no time to create a website, “VOWELS” is here to help! Our expert web developers at Vowels will help you to build a page that will fulfill your specific demands and objectives. We will consider the look and texture you demand and the services you want and will build a website that perfectly suits your company’s objectives.


What is the procedure for a customized web design?

Vowels begin with getting all the necessary information about business and checking the demands of the clients. A mock version of the website will be made first. If a mock-up is accepted, the team will start developing the site. The processing time will be based on the size and features of the website.

Is hiring an expert web design agency to develop my site even worth it?

Hiring an expert web agency is a good decision. The site will be designed according to the client’s demand. Professionals will take care of the hosting, domain and operational issues. It is not a headache for agencies to worry about such matters. The client’s creativity won’t be judged, nor will his plan for a modern standards site be altered.

How much time is required for a customized site to form?

Normally it takes 4-6 weeks to design and launch a customized site, depending on size and complexity. Hiring a skilled web designer for customized web design services proves successful for clients, who get what they want without sacrificing their time.